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Bartlett Tree Experts was founded in 1907 and is the world's leading scientific tree and shrub care company with offices around the United States. We can help with most any tree, shrub, or insect management issue. Please fill out the form below or call us today for more information.




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Tree Service and Shrub Care in the Washington, D.C. and suburban Maryland Area

Arborists in our Washington, D.C. and suburban Maryland office are committed to helping local residents and businesses maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs. Our arborists are experts in diagnosing and treating tree and shrub problems specific to the Washington, D.C. area. Plus, with access to Bartlett’s global resources and advanced scientific research facility, we can provide customers with benefits that just aren’t available from other Washington, D.C. tree services.

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Bartlett offers tree care services such as tree cabling and tree trimming to the greater Washington, D.C. area, including suburban Maryland and the District of Columbia; Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac, Gaithersburg, Silver Spring, and Germantown in Montgomery County, Maryland; as well as the city of Laurel in Prince George's County, and parts of Howard County, including Fulton and Columbia, MD.

We are pleased to offer tree services in the following areas:

  • Barnesville
  • Beallsville
  • Boyds
  • District of Columbia
  • Gaithersburg
  • Montgomery County
  • Prince George's County
  • Washington Grove

Popular Tree Services for the Washington, D.C. and Suburban Maryland Area

Fertilization and Soil Care

Fertilization and Soil Care

Insect and Disease Management

Insect and Disease Management

Plant Analysis and Diagnostics

Plant Analysis and Diagnostics



Tree Structure Evaluation

Tree Structure Evaluation

In addition to the services featured above, our office in the Washington, D.C. and suburban Maryland area offers many other services to suit your arboricultural needs. When working with Bartlett, you'll experience the hands-on expertise and responsiveness of a local company, with the knowledge, research, and resources of a world leader in tree and shrub health care.

Washington, D.C. Office Staff

Bill Eck

Bill Eck

Local Manager & Arborist Representative
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Kevin Clair

Kevin Clair

Arborist Representative
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Michael DeGregorio

Michael DeGregorio

Arborist Representative
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Ryan Grubb

Ryan Grubb

Arborist Representative
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Forest Bowen III

Forest Bowen III

Arborist Representative
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Christopher Larkin

Christopher Larkin

Arborist Representative
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Michael Leibfreid

Michael Leibfreid

Arborist Representative
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Joshua Nadler

Joshua Nadler

Arborist Representative
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Nick Scaletta

Nick Scaletta

Arborist Representative
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Riley Smith

Riley Smith

Arborist Representative
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Joel Spano

Joel Spano

Arborist Representative
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Phil Kline

Phil Kline

Local Office Safety Coordinator
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Joyce Baldo

Joyce Baldo

Administrative Assistant
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Marguerite Brogden

Marguerite Brogden

Administrative Assistant
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Latonya Garey

Latonya Garey

Administrative Assistant
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Beret Bruwelheide

Beret Bruwelheide

Administrative Assistant
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Hanna Whalen

Hanna Whalen

Administrative Assistant
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Don't Miss These Warning Signs

Trees under stress display key symptoms indicating a serious problem may exist. This includes wilting or loss of leaves/needles, yellowing of leaves or browning of needles, premature autumn color, early leaf drop and sappy spots on branches. Correctly identifying the underlying cause is critical to addressing tree health issues.

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Don't Miss These Warning Signs

Arborist Associations

Bartlett Tree Experts is proud to be a member of so many industry associations. Many of our expert arborists have reached the pinnacle of their profession and have been recognized as such. Bartlett Tree Experts has been inspected and accredited based on adherence to industry standards for quality and safety, maintenance of trained, professional staff, and dedication to ethics and quality in business practices.

View a list of the many arborist associations with which Bartlett is associated.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Joel Spano always responds to any questions or issues I have, and his advice and treatment plans are very accurate and helpful.
Jean M., Clarksburg, MD
 View all testimonials for Clarksburg, MD

Just very pleased with the service.
Norman W., Dickerson, MD
 View all testimonials for Dickerson, MD

Crew members always check in first to let us know what service is being provided. Michael Leibfreid, our arborist representative, responds to all our inquiries and requests immediately. He is professional, courteous, highly qualified, and always a pleasure to work with.
Jeff C., Columbia, MD
 View all testimonials for Columbia, MD

Ryan is very responsive, straightforward and trustworthy. Our regular technician is very friendly and answers any questions I have.
Jennifer F., Bethesda, MD
 View all testimonials for Bethesda, MD

We found Mike to be very knowledgeable and proactive in his approach. We respect his advice. We feel we are in good hands in treating our various trees and bushes.
Susan G., Potomac

Mr. Spano was knowledgeable and informative. I was very happy to work with him, and his crew did a great job. I think that everything went smoothly and if I need anything else done, I will certainly contact Bartlett again. Thanks.
Brian S, Germantown, MD
 View all testimonials for Germantown, MD

Great job.
Rod S., Olney, MD
 View all testimonials for Olney, MD

Riley is great to work with and the crew does a great job.
Brett J., Kensington, MD
 View all testimonials for Kensington, MD

Very courteous and helpful.
Rebecca W., Cabin John, MD

Always expert, thorough, and friendly.
Gail S., Rockville, MD
 View all testimonials for Rockville, MD

Everyone we talked to and worked with was absolutely wonderful. Thanks.
Alex R., Washington, DC
 View all testimonials for Washington, DC

Kevin Clair is always a pleasure. He was on time, genial, and very knowledgeable, as always. He easily spots problems and has solutions that I trust. The gentlemen in Kevin's crew are experts and skilled at what they do. They are also friendly and courteous.
Pat R., Takoma Park, MD
 View all testimonials for Takoma Park, MD

Riley has always been extremely helpful. Staff is always courteous, professional, and explains what they will be doing.
Kathy S., Gaithersburg, MD
 View all testimonials for Gaithersburg, MD

Excellent work.
Charles B., Laytonsville, MD
 View all testimonials for Laytonsville, MD

Nick Scarletta was extremely responsive. He came out the day I made the call, to look at the very large tree limb that had fallen part way from the top of the tree. I was concerned it would continue to fall and damage our house and driveway. Nick was able to have the crew come a few days later, keeping me informed there would be a delay because of his trucks was out of service. Excellent service.
William P., Chevy Chase, MD
 View all testimonials for Chevy Chase, MD

Had a great experience with all members of the team.
John and Andrea W., Potomac, MD
 View all testimonials for Potomac, MD

Bartlett was great. The consultants seemed knowledgeable, and we appreciated how well they cleaned up after trimming a lot of trees. They even tackled a wasp nest in one of our trees, and transplanted and watered a small Redbud that was growing in the wrong place.
Heidi L., Silver Spring, MD
 View all testimonials for Silver Spring, MD

Chris, the arborist, was very helpful and friendly and the three man crew that worked on our property was just fantastic. We greatly appreciate everyone's efforts to get this project done. Thank you.
Melissa W., Hyattsville, MD
 View all testimonials for Hyattsville, MD

I am satisfied with how everything was done. Bartlett Arborist Representative has always been nice and patient with me and the instructions he gave to the crew members where spot on. They left the area clean and I am very happy with the work they have done.
Marilyn P., Washington, MD

Forest Bowen is a fantastic representative. He is knowledgeable, personable, and really cares about our property. Our front Boxwoods and back garden ate finally looking great since we switched to Bartlett. Thank you.
Jim H., Gaiyhersburg, MD

Mike has consistently been quick to respond. We have appreciated his guidance and recommendations over the last several years. With the recent storm damage in our area caused by 90 mph winds. Our family truly feels that our trees survived due to your recommendations and implementation from the crew. Trees all around the neighborhood were damaged or fell and caused damaged while ours did no. I have recommended Mike and Bartlett Tree Service to several people in the past few weeks because our trees are evidence of the benefits. The cost has always been reasonable.
Zandra B. , Greenbelt, MD
 View all testimonials for Greenbelt, MD

Friendly Efficient and very knowledgeable. Always a great service, and I like that they do not try to sell me things I do not need.
Claudia, University Park, MD
 View all testimonials for University Park, MD

Joel is very knowledgeable and eagerly shared his knowledge and recommendations without us feeling pressured.
Nan G., Poolesville, MD
 View all testimonials for Poolesville, MD

Everyone is helpful, professional, and friendly.
Sandra T., College Park, MD
 View all testimonials for College Park, MD

Joel is great, very responsive, knowledgeable, and personable. Peter, who does the spray work is also very accommodating, personable, and dependable.
Stephen W., Darnestown, MD
 View all testimonials for Darnestown, MD

So far, so good on customer service and treatments.
Gwendolyn D., Bowie, MD
 View all testimonials for Bowie, MD

Very nice staff, from Nick to those who work on the various plans that Nick has set up for our small property.
Gail S., Washington, D.C.

I have used the Bartlett staff for seven years now and they are courteous and professional. I am very happy with their service.
Lynette T., Fulton, MD
 View all testimonials for Fulton, MD

Christopher Larkin, our representative was excellent. He was always in touch with us during the process. We did hit a complication (no fault of Bartlett) and Christopher was very helpful. His crew was terrific and left our yard spotless. We will certainly use Bartlett again.
Julia M., Cheverly, MD
 View all testimonials for Cheverly, MD

Questions: Was the job done to your satisfaction? Yes. Was the job site left neat and clean? Yes. Was your experience with our Administrative Staff friendly, efficient, and helpful? Yes. Were you treated courteously by our crew? Yes.
Terry O., Montgomery Village, MD
 View all testimonials for Montgomery Village, MD

Questions: Was the job done to your satisfaction? Yes. Was the job site left neat and clean? Yes. Was your experience with our Administrative Staff friendly, efficient, and helpful? Yes. Were you treated courteously by our crew? Yes.
Sally M., Washington, DC

I just wanted you and your company to know that we were quite pleased with the professionalism and knowledge that Mr. Bowen provided in diagnosing our Magnolia tree. We were very happy to hear that the tree is indeed still very healthy despite the attack it suffered last year due to our neighbor butchering the branches Despite it all, our tree has been evaluated and is healthy. Meeting and chatting with Mr. Bowen made our day happier …Indeed.
Katherine B., Giathersburg, MD

The arborist, Forest Bowen, was very helpful when he came to consult on the job treating Crepe Myrtles for scale insects. Sam Fisher who came to do the treatment was efficient and very personable. Bartlett’s price for this job seemed reasonable, and much lower than another estimate I had.
Susan V., Gaithersburg, MD

Mike is always professional, responsive, and super knowledgeable. He is thoughtful and treats our yard respectfully. The crew is also professional and skilled, always explaining what they will do each visit and working hard to keep our trees healthy and beautiful.
Tom and Angie G., Laurel, MD
 View all testimonials for Laurel, MD

Michael Leibfreid was most responsive. The tree crew missed a root that should have been removed. I reported this to Mr. Leibfreid and the root was removed. I would not hesitate to use Bartlett in the future. I am completely satisfied with the job. Thank all.
Dolores F., Brookeville, MD
 View all testimonials for Brookeville, MD

Joel and his crews were prompt and professional, I would recommend highly Bartlett Tree Experts.
Salvatore D., Damascus, MD
 View all testimonials for Damascus, MD

Your company (Joel Spano), was the first to respond, and I gave the business to him. Joel is very knowledgeable, and I appreciated his advice about my trees. Zeke and Oscar, and the third gentleman, who’s name I did not get, were very professional, and did an excellent job. Thank you for your services. You will definitely be recommended.
Anjali P., North Potomac, MD
 View all testimonials for North Potomac, MD

Always courteous, friendly, and helpful. Joel Spano is a top rate professional whom we have enjoyed working with to preserve our aging trees.
Barbara L, Washington Grove, MD
 View all testimonials for Washington Grove, MD

Could not ask for a better representative than Mike Leibfried. Very knowledgeable, patient with our questions, and low pressure. His crew, as well, has impressed us on every visit. All top notch. This was our first time contracting with an arborist. Very pleased with our interactions and service.
George and Nancy D., Highland, MD
 View all testimonials for Highland, MD

Chris Larkin is an excellent arborist. He is very knowledgeable about problems with our landscaping and very helpful in recommending solutions. Bartlett has kept our landscaping very healthy for decades. Thank you.
Janet L., Adelphi, MD
 View all testimonials for Adelphi, MD

Always courteous, tidy, and knowledgeable.
Jeff K., Glann Dale, MD

Everyone was very professional and helpful in addressing our questions and concerns about the trees, and providing advice about how much should be cut off so that they are not damaged. This is our third time using the company to trim and cut our trees and each time we were pleased with the work and the way they cleaned up when the job was completed. Thank you.
Kimberly P., Upper Marlboro, MD
 View all testimonials for Upper Marlboro, MD

Kevin and crew are always professional and friendly. I appreciate the advanced notice when coming on the property, and the explanation of services.
Lynette T., Fulton State, MD

Very professional and hard working. Very neat. Good value for the money.
Peter F., Landover, MD

Great professional advice from Joel, and very professional treatment of the trees by Peter Balogh.
Chris A., Boyds, MD
 View all testimonials for Boyds, MD

Chris is always very professional. He also recognizes me as a client for many years. The three team crew was fantastic. I would like to extend my thanks to them for a job well done.
Carlos S., Capitol Heights, MD

Exceeded expectations.
Lloyd S., Fort Washington, MD
 View all testimonials for Fort Washington, MD

My neighbor across the street has been singing your praises for years. She also noticed my Oak out front was in trouble and I am so glad she recommended you to me. I thought for sure I was facing the sad decision of having them removed and can't thank you enough for saving my three huge old Arborvitae - their "hair cut" was perfect - even with all the ice this year not a single branch dropped.
Vicki B., Seabrook, MD

Riley Smith was very courteous and spent time discussing our concerns and providing helpful advice on going management of several of our plantings. Staff doing the work were very accommodating and easy to work with.
John H. , Derwood, MD
 View all testimonials for Derwood, MD

We were very satisfied with your tree services and if asked we would be available to so state our satisfaction to others.
Julian J., Garret Park, MD

Mike was fantastic. Came up with an ongoing plan for our trees. Very knowledgeable.
Bruce A., Beltsville, MD
 View all testimonials for Beltsville, MD

Thank you for a great job.
Lauren B., Capital Heights, MD

The treatment recently completed was the first of three planned treatments. I will be able to provide full insight regarding my satisfaction with the service only after receiving the final treatment.
Keenan A., Silver Spring ,MD
 View all testimonials for Silver Spring ,MD

Michael and Dylan are true professionals. We are very grateful for their assistance. We have no worries when they provide the services we require.
David R., Ashton, MD

Michael Leibfreid has a nice personality and gave me helpful information. It is obvious that he is well educated in this field. I met and watched a crew member treat two trees. He is also a nice and professional guy who did a thorough job. When appropriate, I will not hesitate to refer Michael and your company.
John G, Jessup, MD

I was extremely pleased with the Representative and the crewmembers. The crewmembers went above and beyond. Their work was outstanding. My neighbors on both sides of my townhome were also impressed and I provided Bartlett Tree Experts information to them. Thank you for a job well done.
Teri K., Laurel ,MD

Kevin Clair was knowledgeable and friendly. He came highly recommended from Dave Stadler at Stadler Nurseries. Kevin took the time to walk our property, address serious issues and offer advice on how to best care for our many large hardwood trees. I greatly appreciate him traveling from another Bartlett office to visit our property. The crew was friendly and got the job done in a timely manner. I will certainly continue to use Bartlett and recommend them to friends.
Lisa Y., Haymarket, VA

Staff was very helpful in arranging an appointment. The representative was very professional and came out to give an estimate for the work after another appointment finished earlier. I was pleased with the service that Bartlett provided.
Joy M., Lanham, MD
 View all testimonials for Lanham, MD

On time, courteous, and great team.
Bob S., Rockvill, MD

Always appreciate Chris’s care and recommendations.
Diana M., District Heights, MD

Chris Larkin was great, truly knowledgeable, and answered all of my many questions. The crew that came out really seemed to enjoy their job. They were efficient, worked well together, and were highly skilled. They even worked around a vehicle that could not be moved.
Carolyn S., Suitland, MD

Kevin and his crew are superb, truly experts.
Raymond C., Washington DC
 View all testimonials for Washington DC

My service tech always informs me of what the treatment will be and why. He invites my comments and concerns about the tress and shrubs. He is always professional and courteous.
Zaia L., Mitchelville, MD

Michael Leibfreid has been great to work with. He was patient with us and came to our home more than once to help us figure out the best plan of action for removing the tree. He was able to answer all of our questions.
Kevin B., Oxon Hill, MD
 View all testimonials for Oxon Hill, MD

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If you require emergency tree service, call 301-881-8550 anytime.


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