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Bartlett Tree Experts was founded in 1907 and is the world's leading scientific tree and shrub care company with offices around the United States. We can help with most any tree, shrub, or insect management issue. Please fill out the form below or call us today for more information.




39 Allen Boulevard, Suite A
Farmingdale, NY 11735-5613

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Tree Service and Shrub Care in the Suffolk County, NY Area

Arborists in our Suffolk County and the South Shore of Nassau County office are committed to helping local residents and businesses maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs. Our arborists are experts in diagnosing and treating tree and shrub problems specific to the Suffolk County and the South Shore of Nassau County area. Plus, with access to Bartlett’s global resources and advanced scientific research facility, we can provide customers with benefits that just aren’t available from other Suffolk County and the South Shore of Nassau County tree services.

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Our office services all of Suffolk County from the Nassau/Suffolk border to William Floyd Parkway and the south shore of Nassau County.

We are pleased to offer tree services in the following areas:

  • Atlantic Beach
  • Babylon Township
  • Baldwin
  • Bellmore
  • Brookhaven
  • Brookhaven Township
  • Cedarhurst
  • East Rockaway
  • Farmingdale
  • Freeport
  • Hempstead Township - South
  • Hewlett
  • Huntington Township
  • Inwood
  • Islip Township
  • Lawrence
  • Long Beach
  • Lynbrook
  • Malverne
  • Massapequa
  • Massapequa Park
  • Merrick
  • Nassau County - South Shore
  • North Bellmore
  • North Woodmere
  • Oceanside
  • Oyster Bay Township - South
  • Point Lookout
  • Rockville Centre
  • Roosevelt
  • Seaford
  • Smithtown Township
  • Suffolk County
  • Valley Stream
  • Wantagh
  • Woodmere

Featured Services Provided by Our Suffolk County and the South Shore of Nassau County-Area Office

Deer Management

Deer Management

Fertilization and Soil Care

Fertilization and Soil Care

Insect and Disease Management

Insect and Disease Management



Storm Damage

Storm Damage

Tick Management

Tick Management

In addition to the services featured above, our office in the Suffolk County and the South Shore of Nassau County area offers many other services to suit your arboricultural needs. When working with Bartlett, you'll experience the hands-on expertise and responsiveness of a local company, with the knowledge, research, and resources of a world leader in tree and shrub health care.

Suffolk County and the South Shore of Nassau County Office Staff

Gary Carbocci

Gary Carbocci

Arborist Representative
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Kevin Siragusa

Kevin Siragusa

Arborist Representative
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Michael Visser

Michael Visser

Arborist Representative
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Linda Campbell

Linda Campbell

Administrative Assistant
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Stephen Zanca

Stephen Zanca

Administrative Assistant
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Tree Failures from Summer Storms

Summer storms often cause branches or entire trees to fall. Preventative care can help you maintain your landscape while mitigating the possibility of unanticipated costs.

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Tree Failures from Summer Storms

Tree Care Recommendations for Summer

Given the stress from higher temperatures and lack of rainfall comon in summer, it is critical to water your trees and shrubs thoroughly. Applying a 3-4" layer of mulch, inspecting for pest infestations and scheduling fall fertilization can also help maintain tree health and vigor.

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Tree Care Recommendations for Summer

Arborist Associations

Bartlett Tree Experts is proud to be a member of so many industry associations. Many of our expert arborists have reached the pinnacle of their profession and have been recognized as such. Bartlett Tree Experts has been inspected and accredited based on adherence to industry standards for quality and safety, maintenance of trained, professional staff, and dedication to ethics and quality in business practices.

View a list of the many arborist associations with which Bartlett is associated.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Hailey is a treasure. I feel very fortunate to have her taking care of my property.
Robert S., Woodbury, NY

Professional from top to bottom. Michael is a star and a very knowledgeable source. Bartlett is lucky to have him on the team.
James D., Huntington, NY
 View all testimonials for Huntington, NY

Mike, Michael, and rest of crew were great. So happy I chose Bartlett for my tree trimming needs. Not only did they do a thoughtful and expert trim on my Leyland Cypress, Mulberry tree, and aging Viburnum, Michael spent time walking about my backyard, helping me to identify certain trees and giving me some history on the species and ideas for keeping them healthy, transplanting them and future maintenance. He left me with a wealth of knowledge. Even identified the sapsucker damage on my Viburnum. And helped me realize that the Mulberry seedlings that have reached foot in height are not in an ideal place. He helped me dig around the root ball for future transplanting in the fall. fabulous company. Thank you.
Richard and Pamela S., Huntington Station, NY
 View all testimonials for Huntington Station, NY

The Arborist Kevin was very informative, made the process very easy to understand.
Naeem Hydar, Malverne, NY
 View all testimonials for Malverne, NY

Both representative, Kevin, and technician, Richie, are wonderful. They are competent, courteous, and conscientious. Both are truly assets to Bartlett Tree Service.
Patricia K., Seaford, NY
 View all testimonials for Seaford, NY

The arborist, Victor, answers my questions and is very pleasant. Also, Michael addresses my concerns.
Lynda R., Greenlawn, NY

Gary knows all about trees and shrubs, problems that can occur and what should be done. It is easy to talk to him and ask questions. If I need to call him with questions, or information for proposal, he does not mind. He always seems to want to help.
Linda I., Setauket, NY
 View all testimonials for Setauket, NY

Wonderful service.
Gary D., Centereach, NY
 View all testimonials for Centereach, NY

Hailey was, as usual, polite, courteous, and friendly. It is a pleasure to deal with her.
Donald L., Syosset, NY

Appreciate the personal touch.
James T., Northport, NY
 View all testimonials for Northport, NY

Trees look amazing. Total turnaround.
George Z., Commack, NY
 View all testimonials for Commack, NY

Always pleased.
Carol C., Kings Park, NY
 View all testimonials for Kings Park, NY

Gary, our arborist, is the best and the girl who sprayed our property did her job very efficiently.
Steve and Jackie S., East Northport, NY
 View all testimonials for East Northport, NY

The young lady who came to the house was very professional and knowledgeable.
Mark S., Brightwaters, NY
 View all testimonials for Brightwaters, NY

I think Kevin has been really great to deal with. Always nice, accommodating, and very smart.
Wayne P., Merrick, NY
 View all testimonials for Merrick, NY

Very courteous and able.
James N., Manhasset, NY

I was not home for this season's first treatment, but my son said everything went well. The only request that I have is that before every tree spray, the service provider knock on my door to inform me of his presence. Everyone with whom I have had a conversation has always been professional, informative, and courteous.
Priscilla F., Dix Hills, NY
 View all testimonials for Dix Hills, NY

Kevin explained what had to be done to the Mulberry tree to bring it back to health. Although I can not remember the gentleman's name who did the actual tree pruning, he was so professional, worked neat, and cleanly.
Patricia H., Massapequa, NY
 View all testimonials for Massapequa, NY

We have been using Bartlett now for over a decade. Everything we discussed prior to the job was done to perfection. Thank you Kevin and crew, you are the best.
Carl K., N. Merrick, NY
 View all testimonials for N. Merrick, NY

You guys were great. I already Recommended Bartlett to my neighbor. Wonderful experience. Thank you Bartlett.
Richard F., Atlantic Beach, NY

Kevin was excellent and crew did a great job.
Robert C., Farmingdale, NY
 View all testimonials for Farmingdale, NY

Excellent to work with. Michael Visser was thorough and gave very good expert advice. Very easy to work with. He also gave excellent instructions to the crew. They crew was very efficient and experienced. Very safety conscious. Each piece of wood coming down was under full control. This was important because some of the work was near structures.
Alexander C., Cold Spring Harbor, NY
 View all testimonials for Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Very professional and knowledgeable.
Helena R., Nesconset, NY

Love the whole team.
Jennifer M., Smithtown, NY
 View all testimonials for Smithtown, NY

The experience was much better than expected and will seek your service in the future. All were polite, listened to my needs, and gave us sensible options. Kevin explained the process thoroughly and made helpful suggestions regarding other work we need done.
Joseph M., Wantagh, NY
 View all testimonials for Wantagh, NY

Everyone was professional and had an excellent experience with the service.
Eileen K., East Rockaway, NY

Very attentive to my questions. I would highly recommend them to neighbors.
John C., Baldwin, NY
 View all testimonials for Baldwin, NY

Our Arborist, Kevin S. was wonderful. He took the time to explain his thoughts as to how to properly trim our trees. The yard was cleaned up of all trimmings.
Alex H., Rockville Centre, NY

The arborist, Kevin, arrived on time to access our tree and provided a written quote the next day. Kevin was able to set an appointment to remove our tree a few days after receiving our Village permit. It was important because I also needed a parking permit to park our cars on the street. Great job by the crew. Skilled, safe, and surgical type branch removal. Good cleanup.
Bill G., Valley Stream, NY
 View all testimonials for Valley Stream, NY

John was clear in his assessment of what could be trimmed without negatively impacting the trees. Martin and Victor were efficient and careful and did a fine job trimming back and shaping the trees.
Daniel R., East Islip, NY
 View all testimonials for East Islip, NY

You and your crew are friendly, efficient, well-informed, courteous, and go above and beyond for your clients.
Theresa C., Central Islip, NY
 View all testimonials for Central Islip, NY

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? Was perfect. Very professional and like able Satisfied with service.
Matthew D., Lloyd Neck, NY
 View all testimonials for Lloyd Neck, NY

Gary Carbocci, my Bartlett Arborist Rep,, was excellent and extremely knowledgeable. Hailey who provided the application of treatment's did an outstanding through, neat job. The two men who trimmed and pruned my trees and shrubs, Melqui and Victor, did a fantastic and neat job.
Kitty M., Ronkonkoma, NY
 View all testimonials for Ronkonkoma, NY

Gary is outstanding. He is always responsive and helpful.
Grant K., Sea Cliff, NY

I am very happy with my arborist. He answers any of my concerns.
Barbara W., Melville, NY
 View all testimonials for Melville, NY

Gary is extremely knowledgeable, very enjoyable interactions, this is the reason I stayed with the crossover from Fox.
Chris F., Stony Brook, NY

Bartlett crews always do good when they have worked at our home.
James W., N. Bellmore, NY

Everyone was great. John was tremendously helpful and I hope we will continue to work together to keep the trees on my property healthy. Both Leo and Bernardo were wonderful and they did a phenomenal job trimming out the deadwood, as well as clearing out the limbs hanging over my garage that were concerning to me. They left the yard and driveway cleaned and were great to speak with about what was going on. I have already recommended John and the crew. I am so pleased that I researched and then reached out to find a real arborist to work with, my intent being to save my trees and keep them healthy. In the last four years, I have seen a disregard for the benefit that trees bring to our neighborhood and what they mean to our environment. With the impact of Climate change becoming more and more evident, we can no longer afford to take for granted what trees bring to the environment.
Laura G., Babylon, NY
 View all testimonials for Babylon, NY

Everything looks great and they did an excellent job cleaning everything up, thank you. They were very respectful of my plants which I appreciate. I had a lot of fun with my friend and her family.
Patricia F., Islip, NY
 View all testimonials for Islip, NY

Truly professional and knowledgeable about his craft. We saw a significant improvement in our trees, since signing on with Bartlett.
Phil S., Woodmere, NY

Caring and knowledgeable staff, quick serving.
Ellen H., Medford, NY
 View all testimonials for Medford, NY

Deborah is terrific and so is her crew.
Pat P., Lloyd Harbor, NY

The spray tech was very polite, and she was careful not to disrupt items on our property.
Tom P., Nissequogue, NY
 View all testimonials for Nissequogue, NY

They were all wonderful. They took the time to explain to me the reasons why the tree could not be cut as much as I wanted it to be. They were all professional and extremely courteous. Loved the service you provided.
Ann M., Coram, NY
 View all testimonials for Coram, NY

I had an excellent experience with all your company's employees. Truly a great day.
Gerry E., Amityville, NY

John, my arborist, was knowledgeable and polite. He showed up to instruct the crew and all went well. Bartlett is a nice company to deal with. Everyone has always been very helpful and friendly.
Susan L., Holbrook, NY
 View all testimonials for Holbrook, NY

I would especially like to express my gratitude for your bringing Beth Brantley, Ph.D. the technical support specialist who did the property walk around with you and I. Her suggestions about my two Ninebark Cypress shrubs and my 2 Hinoki false Cypress shrubs. Moreover, I learned the names of some of the flora on my property, she wrote them down for me, in addition to how I could use them to improve their looks and use.
Dennis B., Port Jefferson, NY

Dear Deborah, The crew did a wonderful job on our little patch yesterday. I can not stop going to the windows and admiring the sleek lines, freshness, yet a touch of autumnal dishevelment that I love. Thank you for your wise supervision. I hope you are off for the weekend and enjoying it very much.
Vivian D., Centerport, NY
 View all testimonials for Centerport, NY

I am extremely satisfied with all you do for me. Thanks for being so reliable.
Mary K., North Bellmore, NY
 View all testimonials for North Bellmore, NY

All were helpful and did a great job.
Erie N., Long Beach, NY

I have a condo in Florida, I will recommend to the complex maintenance coordinator. The crew was amazing and look forward to having them service our trees on an annual basis moving forward.
Bob C., Bohemia, NY

Deborah took over from Rhi and provided a smooth transition. The crew was skilled, courageous, and well prepared. Everyone knew what to do and all work was well coordinated.
Jean B., East Setauket, NY
 View all testimonials for East Setauket, NY

Very knowledgeable and helpful.
Josephine M., West Islip, NY

Your guys did a great job!
Michael D, Amity Harbor, NY

Responsive, professional, and excellent clean up. Elizabeth was exceptionally understanding.
Jacqueline H., Oakdale, NY
 View all testimonials for Oakdale, NY

Elizabeth was most helpful in ridding our Cryptomeria of a mite infestation. She arranged to have the trees sprayed and thus halt further damage to them. She was responsive to our needs and has taken the time to acquaint herself with our trees and plants. We feel assured that our landscape will benefit by her continued stewardship.
Michael W., Miller Place, NY
 View all testimonials for Miller Place, NY

Bartlett is always friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.
Raymond S., Lake Grove, NY

Elizabeth is very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.
David G., Sayville, NY

Very knowledgeable staff. We have a one hundred year-old Beech tree as the centerpiece of our property and we would not trust it with anyone except Bartlett.
Brian W., Huntington Bay, NY
 View all testimonials for Huntington Bay, NY

Excellent customer service.
Maria I., Hauppauge, NY
 View all testimonials for Hauppauge, NY

Thanks for the disposal of the tree branches after the tornado. The men arrived early and worked in a most professional manner.
Diane L., West Babylon, NY
 View all testimonials for West Babylon, NY

From the first response to my phone inquiry, through the job quote, to the execution and follow up, every employee of Bartlett was very professional and more than competent. Nick and his crew were right on time, efficient and were so complete in their cleanup that the only evidence there was that they had been there was fresh cuts on the trees. Amazing work, great people, worth every dollar.
Lloyd G., Wheatley Heights, NY

I would like to thank you for your patient efforts to have our White Pine trees pruned to my satisfaction. I sincerely appreciate all the extra time, work, and interaction by yourself to achieve the final results that I am so thrilled with. Martin, in turn, understood perfectly what was described in discussion with you the morning of the job, and I am absolutely delighted with the results. Martin was high atop the bucket when I had to leave the house, but I did compliment his crew and asked them to express my appreciation to him. I will, however, drop a note to Martin to express personally my satisfaction and appreciation, as well.
Marilyn B., Fort Salonga, NY

Whitney was extremely helpful and answered all my questions about trimming my trees.
Patricia E., Lindenhurst, NY

Emergency Tree Service

If you require emergency tree service, call 631-423-0090 anytime.


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