Brian Frierson

Brian Frierson

Arborist Representative
P.O. Box 1186
Davidson, NC 28036


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Office Hours
Monday through Friday
7 a.m. – 5 p.m.
In addition to working out of our Davidson, NC office, Brian Frierson also provides tree service from our Charlotte, NC office.
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Austin Proctor

Local Manager
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Fletcher Locke

Safety Coordinator
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Patricia Bennett

Administrative Assistant
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What Our Customers Are Saying About Brian Frierson

Your crew did a super super job. I am so pleased with everything they did. I am putting Bartlett in my contact list for any future tree work.
Stu A., Davidson, NC

The guys did a great job. They were very professional and worked safe but fast.
Donna L., Davidson, NC

Bartlett did an awesome job, and they were a great group of guys.
Bob H., Huntersville, NC

We are very pleased with the tree work and the professionalism of the crew.
Pam H., Cornelius, NC

Thank you for checking in with us. We will definitely use you again for our tree needs.
Sara M., Huntersville, NC

Everything looks great. The tree trimming exceeded our expectations. They did a great job especially on the tall pine near the garage.
Jane P., Huntersville, NC

The removal of the tree in the backyard and the pruning of the pear tree were done well. Many thanks to the crew for their professionalism, courtesy, and for respecting our neighbors yard.
Pat C., Huntersville, NC

The work was totally to our satisfaction. The crew was thorough, professional, and quick, and did a great job tidying up afterwards.
John B., Davidson, NC

I am very happy with the job and with the people. I will definitely call you the next time I need work done.
Sandra V. , Huntersville, NC

Rene and Olvidio did a professional and neat job. I felt that everything was done in the best possible way. I know you are proud to have these men represent your service.
Bob E., Cornelius, NC

We are very pleased with the tree work the guys did. If we need any tree work done in the future we will be sure to call Bartlett.
Richard W., Davidson, NC

While at the North Mecklenburg Recycle Center last Friday, one of your bucket trucks pulled up beside me to empty. One of the men saw me working hard to clean leaves out of my trailer. He asked if I would like to use his blower. That was very kind of him. He did not need to do that. I appreciated his kind gesture.
Mark K., Huntersville, NC

Brian is always polite and professional each time we call. He always answers our calls within a day and answers all our questions. We would definitely recommend Bartlett to our friends and neighbors.
George M., Mooresville, NC

The Bartlett crew was excellent. They worked carefully and did a great job for us. Also appreciated the earlier service which was the EAB treatment and the analysis by Brian Frierson. Have used Bartlett before when we lived in Summit, NJ and am glad to recommend your firm.
Gracie H., Huntersville, NC

I think your group is great.
Astri K., Davidson, NC

Great job as always from Bartlett Tree with Brian.
Marianne B, Cornelius, NC

Great job as always from Bartlett Tree with Brian.
Laura I., Davidson, NC

I was very pleased with the work on our trees. Your professionalism, punctuality, and attention to detail were greatly appreciated.
Heather R., Davidson, NC

Went by the house and the tree work was well done.
John K., Davidson, NC

The crew was excellent. They did exactly what I had asked to be done.
Bob M., Huntersville, NC

The crew performed very well and the elimination of risk to our property from the dead trees is a relief.
David B., Huntersville, NC

Great work by the crew. The only traces of their presence is the absence of the trees and branches.
Steve S., Davidson, NC

The tree was brought down quickly and efficiently and the clean up was perfect. The crew did an excellent and professional job.
John N., Denver, NC

I was pleased with the work, they did a great job.
Mary H., Denver, NC

I am very happy with the work done.
Alex R., Cornelius, NC

Work and clean up well done.
Bobbi C., Cornelius, NC

The work was fine.
Mary T., Davidson, NC

Excellent Work.
Greg K., Denver, NC

We were pleased with the work done on our trees.
John H., Davidson, NC

The Birch trees look much better, and the cable is in the sweetgum. Your crew did an amazing job and cleaned up perfectly.
Bethli C., Cornelius, NC

Everything looks great.
Timothy C., Cornelius, NC

We were quite happy with the work.
Beckie M., Huntersville, NC

It would be hard to surpass my expectations because they are already very high based on the work you have done over many years. However, I can say that I was gratified that in removing two large trees, Nick and Rene did not damage a single plant or shrub and left the grass in excellent condition.
Price Z., Huntersville, NC

Everything looks great.
Chad B., Hunt, NC

I am satisfied with the tree work.
Mark K., Davidson, NC

You guys did a great job.
Rodney C., Huntersville, NC

Over the past several years we have dealt with Bartlett. Everyone is so friendly, courteous, and responsive. Plus they are very neat in appearance and in their workmanship.
Dave C., Huntersville, NC

I appreciated the personalized consultation prior to the tree cutting service, to share your knowledge and experience and help me better understand our landscape needs.
Lisa T., Huntersville, NC

I was satisfied with the tree trimming service provided.
Frank L., Mooresville, NC

We are happy with the clean up on the trees.
Marcus H., Cornelius, NC

Everything looks great and we are very pleased.
David J., Huntersville, NC

The gentlemen did a great job.
Lisa T., Huntersville, NC

We were very pleased with the work. Brian is very professional and the crew did an excellent job. We will continue to use you all in the future.
Emily B., Davidson, NC

Very pleased with the work, thank you!
Jane A., Davidson, NC

Always a pleasure working with your guys.
Alan W., Davidson, NC

I am very pleased with how smoothly the tree removal went.
Rebecca R., Davidson, NC

We are pleased with the work and how your crew left our property.
Anne C., Davidson, NC

Everything looks good..
Marianne B., Davidson, NC

I appreciated Brian's quick response when we inquired about trimming the trees. I also appreciate the periodic update emails he sends as reminders about tree care. I was actually home when the crew arrived to start trimming the trees. We had a quick conversation regarding the pecan tree and I left for the airport. I came home the next night to both trees being trimmed as discussed and the areas around the trees were cleared of any cuttings. You would never know that they had been there.
Patricia P., Davidson, NC

Everything turned out great!
Mike F., Mooresville, NC

We are very pleased with the work your men did!
Suasn N., Davidson, NC

Everything is great!
Jose J., Davidson, NC

We are very happy with the completed work.
Barbara C., Davidson

I am very happy. The guys did an amazing job and were great to work with.
Mike M., Cornelius, NC

I am very happy with the job done.
Florence S., Cornelius, NC

The guys did a great job and were a pleasure to work with.
Sue F., Davidson, NC

Thank you, trees are lookin good.
Keith H., Mooresville, NC

All work was completed as expected. Thank you!
Michael R., Mooresville, NC

I was very pleased with the work! The trees look great and the cleanup was excellent.
Pat L., Davidson, NC

The work was well done.
Pat C., Huntersville, NC

Everyone that saw the trimming complimented on how balanced and natural it looked and the bushes taken out is good also.
Joyce W., Davidson, NC

Your team did a fantastic job. We are very pleased.
Annette R., Cornelius, NC

Your team did a fantastic job. We are very pleased.
Annette R., Cornelius, NC

I wanted to let you know that the crew did a great job yesterday and I'm super happy with how everything looks.
Katie W., Cornelius, NC

The guys did a great job yesterday and I'm super happy with how everything looks.
tKatie W., Cornelius, NC

Your team was efficient and careful, they treated our property with the ultimate care and respect. In addition, they were totally delightful to work with.
Elaine S., Cornelius, NC

Great job, Nick and Rene were terrific, courteous, thorough, and professional.
John N., Denver, NC

I am very satisfied with the work done at our home. Everything looks great! The guys that were here were very professional and pleasant to have working here.
Lauri I., Mooresville, NC

The work was very nicely done. Thank you so much!
Deana K., Davidson, NC

We were very happy with the work done by Nick and Rene.
Cynthia J., Denver, NC

As usual the men worked hard and did an outstanding job.
Price Z., Huntersville, NC

Thanks! They did an excellent job!
Susan W., Davidson, NC

The guys did a super job. Thank you again.
Wayne L., Huntersville, NC

Under Brian Frierson's excellent supervision, Bartlett did their usual fantastic job on our recent tree work.
Peter G., Cornelius, NC

The tree trimming crew that came out were very nice and helpful with their recommendations. The fella that sprayed our trees was friendly and went about his work. Brian (Arborist), has always been very helpful, consider him a trusted friend.
Dave C., Huntersville, NC

Your crew did an excellent job.
John T., Davidson, NC

Very impressed with quality, service, and advice. Any Bartlett work is always done in a timely fashion. Would highly recommend the company.
Marianne B., Cornelius, NC

The (Arborist) Representatives were very professional and knowledgeable about what was needed for treatment of my trees.
Everett C., Mooresville, NC

Brian Frierson was very courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful. He returned while the work was being done by the crew to check with us to be sure the trimming was to our satisfaction. He took the time to explain things in detail and assured us that he was available for any future questions or follow up. Very professional service.
Jeff B., Cornelius, NC

Brian Frierson and the entire crew who did work on the trees on my property were absolutely fantastic. They were punctual, efficient, quick, and very courteous. I will definitely use Bartlett again!
Tara K., Huntersville, NC

We always appreciate the great and courteous service provided by every member of Bartlett's staff. Having been a customer of Bartlett's for many years it is nice to do business with a company that continues to provide excellent and consistent service. Thank you!
Paula M., Cornelius, NC

Thank you, Brian and crew. Our trees look beautiful!
Jenna M., Cornelius, NC

Brian Frierson and all of the crews that have worked on my personal property and other college-owned properties have always been professional, courteous, and knowledgeable no matter what the specific job is. I recommend Bartlett on a daily basis to folks in Lake Norman and Davidson.
Mike K., Davidson, NC

Your crew was awesome! They did a beautiful job! We are very happy with the result. Thank you so much. Please let me know when it is time to treat the trees.
Tania D., Huntersville, NC

Brian is always very knowledgeable and very professional. The service is very much appreciated.
Palmer E., Davidson, NC

Everything went very well yesterday. I couldn't be happier with the professionalism and job well done by the crews that were sent out. You guys are really top-notch and I will definitely be using you again for any future needs; I will recommend to any friends/coworkers who have a need for tree specialists. Many thanks!
Audrey M., Davidson, NC

Brian Frierson was very professional and informative. I will look forward to working with him again. Judy K., Davidson, NC

Brian is always professional and nice. Your service has made our yard beautiful and lush. Love it! Bobby W., Mooresville, NC

One of the best parts of Bartlett is Brian Frierson. In fact, I wouldn't be a customer were it not for his diligence and care in making sure all is done correctly and on time. He has been here personally to take cuttings for the lab to diagnose  and responds to every one of my requests promptly. He is an outstanding representative of what Bartlett is all about. Pam D., Davidson, NC

We've been very pleased with the service we've received from Bartlett. Brian Frierson has been very reliable and quick to respond. The tree crews have been very professional and even safety conscious. The lead person on the crew represents your company well, is engaging, and he and the crew seem to know what they're doing. Good job and we'll definitely recommend your company! I'm a Realtor, by the way, so there's a strong likelihood that I'll have clients who will need your services in the future. Josh B., Cornelius, NC

Not often enough in life are we given the opportunity to positively comment on work done, however this is one of those times when such comment is warranted. First the crew you sent to our home scheduled for Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. was punctual and arrived exactly at 8:30 a.m. Being on time is, for us, a huge issue and for this alone they should be commended. Having worked felling trees many years ago in Northern British Columbia, I was taught to live by a rule - be safe, be clean, be quick. This crew was exactly that. It was obvious that safety was a primary concern, they were clean removing debris as they worked and they were efficiently quick. They were a pleasure to watch and a pleasure to have around. Please make sure they know how appreciative we are of their efforts. Thanks! James W., Lowell, NC

Brian always takes seriously my questions, offers his professional information, and participates in helping me solve what steps I want to be taking. Well done. The crew was working on my "favorite" tree and took such care to make sure that I was pleased with how they were doing it. John & Bobbi C., Cornelius, NC

Brian Frierson was great to deal with and very knowledgeable. Fred C., Huntersville, NC

Brian was very knowledgeable and efficient. The spraying was successful and minimized our worm problem. Maupin S., Davidson, NC

Brian and the assigned crew were tops as usual. John P., Davidson, NC

We really appreciate Brian and his analysis of our tree issues. The service rep who made the first application was very professional and clearly concerned with the details of application. Bob G., Mooresville, NC

Brian was very informative about why we lost this tree. It was too far gone to save, though that thought was offered as an idea to explore. Never have heard of Sawyer bugs! The crew that was here did a great job and we are very pleased. Marian H., Cornelius, NC

Brian Frierson is our arborist representative, and he has been super to work with. He follows through, he listens carefully, he is thorough, courteous and friendly, and he does everything he can to accommodate our schedule and needs. His crew that we have worked with, Fransisco being the primary climber, are congenial, focused, and careful with our trees and our property. Wonderful service. We would refer Bartlett Tree Experts without hesitation to anyone who asked us for a recommendation for tree work. Jennifer S., Davidson, NC

Great guys, very friendly, courteous, and professional. Did a good job cleaning up. I have recommended your services to others and will continue to do so. Brian is very professional, helpful, and most accommodating. I am very pleased with the services we receive. Leslie H., Denver, NC

As I previously mentioned in a Thank You e-mail to Brian, the crew was excellent. It was a pleasure to work with them. Bartlett is very fortunate to have them in their employ…they represent the company very well. Virgina M., Huntersville, NC

Staff are always courteous, skilled, and enthusiastic. Our rep, Brian Frierson, takes excellent care of us and is always available for the many problems that arise with a rather complex garden with many species of plants, shrubs, and trees. Price Z., Huntersville, NC

All are GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!! Absolutely the best crew! They always do a wonderful job. Brian is always very helpful and always provides the information we ask for. A big thank you to all! Leslie H., Denver, NC

Brian provided great insights and recommendations, and was an overall outstanding consultant. The work crew was great…very professional and thorough. I will recommend Bartlett to friends…and will keep Brian's business card nearby. Jason B., Cornelius, NC

It has been a pleasure to work with Brian. He is knowledgeable, efficient, and personable. Under his supervision, the crews have always done a good job. We expect the best from Bartlett and generally get it. That includes the doing the work without damaging the site. The lab is an important backup, as is Greg Paige when we seek information on plant growth prospects. Price Z., Huntersville, NC

Brian Frierson and his associates Leonard and Justin (and their crews) have been terrific. On time, courteous, professional, and helpful…I have been very pleased. We will do business again! Rick S., Cornelius, NC

The service could not be better. Brian and everyone else that have been here are very courteous and take time to answer all my questions. Since I like to watch everything they are doing, they are always concerned about my safety and notify me when I may be getting too close when they are spraying. Ken M., Huntersville, NC

To date, the staff has been very courteous, professional, and thorough. I am a new customer and I am very satisfied with the service. Kudos to Brian Frierson and staff for a job well done. Peggy F., Mooresville, NC

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