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Tree Service and Shrub Care in the Tri-Cities Area

Arborists in our Tri-Cities office are committed to helping local residents and businesses maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs. Our arborists are experts in diagnosing and treating tree and shrub problems specific to the Tri-Cities area. Plus, with access to Bartlett’s global resources and advanced scientific research facility, we can provide customers with benefits that just aren’t available from other Tri-Cities tree services.

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Our office provides tree services to the greater Tri-Cities area of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, including Johnson City, Kingsport, and Bristol.

We are pleased to offer tree services in the following areas:

  • Abingdon VA
  • Blountville
  • Bluff City
  • Bristol
  • Carter County
  • Church Hill
  • City of Bristol
  • Elizabethton
  • Erwin
  • Fall Branch
  • Gray
  • Greeneville
  • Hawkins County
  • Johnson City
  • Jonesborough
  • Kingsport
  • Limestone
  • Midway
  • Piney Flats
  • Rogersville
  • Scott County
  • Sullivan County
  • Telford
  • Unicoi County
  • Washington County

Popular Services Provided by Our Johnson City Office

Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and Bracing

Fertilization and Soil Care

Fertilization and Soil Care

Insect and Disease Management

Insect and Disease Management

Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection



Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Tri-Cities Office Staff

Chase Giebner

Chase Giebner

Arborist Representative
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Kristie Pippin

Kristie Pippin

Administrative Assistant
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Prepare trees for spring

After winter ends, your trees and shrubs will be working hard to establish spring growth. A soil test in early spring can help determine the precise nutrients needed for that growth, yielding a fuller canopy and vibrant, health foliage.

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Arborist Associations

Bartlett Tree Experts is proud to be a member of so many industry associations. Many of our expert arborists have reached the pinnacle of their profession and have been recognized as such. Bartlett Tree Experts has been inspected and accredited based on adherence to industry standards for quality and safety, maintenance of trained, professional staff, and dedication to ethics and quality in business practices.

View a list of the many arborist associations with which Bartlett is associated.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Great service from Chase Giebner and his staff. They all have my highest recommendation.
Gary R., Piney Flats, TN

Our Pecan tree looks great. We did not want the tree to be topped, as so many tree services tend to do. To us, the improvement is significant, but the beauty of it all is that it does not look pruned. It just looks healthy. Very pleased with the outcome, and a huge sigh of relief knowing huge limbs at risk of breaking have been removed, without damaging the rest of the tree.
Erica M., Johnson City, TN

Joe and Garrison worked very hard. I was concerned about the safety of climbing the tree to do the cable work but they did a good job.
John K., Johnson City, TN

Happy with the pruning.
Arlene P., Kingsport, TN

We have been very pleased with Chase Giebner, our arborist, and crewmembers. Everyone has provided excellent customer service and high-quality advice and work.
Kelly H., Johnson City, TN

Wonderful job! by all three gentleman. Ryan was professional and represents the company well.
Rachel L., Mt. Carmel, TN

Best pruning job I have ever had, perfect. The gentleman worked very safe, so glad to have met them. Appreciate the follow up call.
Phyllis R., Bristol, TN

Very pleased with Ryan and the crew. The neighbor was really anxious about the tree and can not say enough nice things about the wonderful Arborist.
Denise A., Kingsport, TN

What a fine job pruning the trees.
Luther O., Kingsport, TN

The Bartlett staff was very quick in replying to my request for service. Chase Giebner was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about planning how to remove our tree. We had a very difficult tree removal project. Our deck and stairs had been built around the tree and the tree roots had been surrounded by concrete. We consulted two tree companies in the Abingdon area and they could not figure out how to take the tree out. The tree was so thoroughly dead and rotten that it was not possible to remove the tree by climbing it. One company considered tying off the tree to a nearby tree. They told me that I could just wait for the tree to fall and call my insurance company to pay for the damage that would be done to the stairs and deck. My husband and I were highly impressed with the method that the Bartlett crew followed to remove the tree. They backed up their bucket truck to the tree and sliced the tree trunk in small sections like a cake and lowered the sections from the bucket. The method was very safe and efficient. The crew removed all branches and cleaned up all sawdust and other litter. They were very friendly, helpful, and exceptionally competent. The following business day, we received a phone call from the office to inquire about whether we were satisfied with the service.
Sara C., Abingdon, VA

The personalized attention I received from Chase Giebner won me back to Bartlett. The crew also checked in with me on my satisfaction with the job and I very much appreciated this. Thanks to this crew for their good service.
Miriam P., Johnson City, TN

The crew did a great job removing my tree.
Debbie C., Gray, TN

The crew did a thorough and professional job removing the tree. Checked with me before job started and after job was completed to be sure communication was done clearly. Enjoyed talking with both gentleman. Thanks for your continual professional support on our trees.
Eric K., Kingsport, TN

Such a great crew. Very pleased with pruning and removal.
Carolyn B., Limestone, TN

Good job, everything done, and looks good.
Alicia S., Kingsport, TN

I am very pleased with the tree service, and Joe was professional and friendly.
Jeff P., Johnson City, TN

Impressed with Bartlett. Very satisfied with pruning work.
Anna L., Johnson City, TN

I wish every service was as professional as Bartlett, the crew did a great job.
David C., Jonesborough, TN

Caleb and Joe are both fine people. They did a great job.
Lynnaea F., Jonesborough, TN

Chase is professional and knowledgeable. He has answered many texts, phone messages, and emails and never once did I feel rushed or that I had asked a dumb question. He is respectful and personable. Kristie is a pleasure to interact with. If she does not know the answer she finds it and gets back just when she says she will. She is cheerful and I would love to meet her someday just to match a face with that beautiful spirit that shines through on her phone conversations. I only spoke one time with a crew member over the phone and he was very professional. I do not have one complaint.
Denise A., Kingsport, TN

My experience with Bartlett was very positive from the time I called for an appointment with the representative to the moment the crew completed the service. I was so pleased with every person I came in contact with at Bartlett. I would absolutely recommend the company to anyone who is interested in any tree service.
Shirley V., Kingsport, TN

My weeping cherry looks gorgeous, thanks to Bartlett.
Patricia M., Kingsport, TN

Bartlett has done work on our green giants and they have been really striving. We think they have grown over ten inches since the work was done. Our Sycamore tree is beautiful and makes our backyard. Thanks for helping us make our landscape look wonderful.
Rose B., Jonesborough, TN

The crew really did a great job. Appreciate their hard work, they left the job neat. Bartlett does an excellent job and that is why we stay with them.
Charles O., Kingsport, TN

Today was a fantastic day with your crew. The elms are looking fantastic and your crew of gentlemen are such professional, wonderful, hardworking guys. I wanted to give a nod to your excellent guys, they never stopped working, and were meticulous with each cut. Great gentlemen, a credit to your company. I am excited to have them back tomorrow.
Tamara M., Kingsport, TN

Very friendly and helpful, I am looking forward to working on our future projects together.
Tamara M., Kingsport, TN

Your crew did a great job removing the dead limbs, cutting them up for firewood, and cleaning up. I could not have been more pleased and will definitely give you a call for our future tree care. I appreciate your prompt and professional service.
Jim W., Kingsport, TN

Bartlett staff members are courteous and friendly. I will use Bartlett in the future.
Bobby W., Piney Flats, TN

Pleased with tree work. I appreciate the work that Bartlett does.
Rodney U., Kingsport, TN

The crew did really well with the tree removal. They worked very efficient and everything looks great.
Lloyd D., Jonesborough, TN

The entire experience was great, love that I have confidence in Bartlett whenever they trim my trees.
Theresa B., Johnson City, TN

The crew used great methods to work safely. Impressive to watch them work.
Gary R., Piney Flats, TN

The crew was professional and cleaned up well.
Eric C., Johnson City, TN

Excellent work.
Foster L., Johnson City, TN

Thoroughly satisfied with tree removal.
Mari P., Gray, TN

Your guys did a great job removing our overgrown pear tree that was touching the neighbors garage. They worked so quickly and cleaned up afterward. They were also very polite and friendly. We will certainly refer you to friends.
Michael M., Piney Flats, TN

Your crew have taken care of our hemlock hedge for years. People are always asking who helps us with the maintenance of the hedge we always recommend you.
Bob H., Bristol, VA

The crew did a fine job with the cabling.
David H., Johnson City, TN

Very pleased with pruning work.
Stephen N., Kingsport, TN

Outstanding job!
David S., Kingsport, TN

Very pleased with the pruning and the crew was great.
Phil M., Bristol, TN

Excellent job. The crew cleaned up well. Will definitely recommend Bartlett.
Steve K., Jonesborough, TN

Happy with the pruning work. The crew worked hard, long hours.
Margaret W., Kingsport, TN

Bartlett is not the cheapest but they are the best tree service in East Tennessee. They do great work. Very professional staff.
Robert J., Kingsport, TN

The oak tree pruning looks fabulous! I appreciate the professionalism from Bartlett, everyone did a great job.
Marsha G., Johnson City, TN

The crew did a great job. They dealt with wet conditions and tricky access.
Harry E., Kingsport, TN

Everyone has been great to work with. I would always trust our trees to Bartlett.
Cindy B., Kingsport, TN

Completely satisfied with the tree work performed, the crew did a really good job. Very professional, skilled, and hard working guys.
Paul A., Erwin, TN

Chase Giebner was wonderful to work with.
Arlene P., Kingsport, TN

Looks very nice, very pleased with work.
Melissa G., Kingsport, TN

Nice job.
Terry C., Greeneville, TN

The crew that came to cut the trees were very professional, polite, and efficient.
Tim W., Telford, TN

Bartlett did a very good job removing the tree. Thanks for the good work and quick response.
Bill C., Jonesborough, TN

Very pleased with the pruning.
Judy M., Johnson City, TN

Workers were well equipped and safety conscience. My property was protected from the large truck tires, which I greatly appreciate. They were efficient, thorough, and professional.
Larry D., Johnson City, TN

Your crew is awesome! Super friendly, fast, incredibly knowledgeable, and they really enjoy what they do. I had a blast talking with them.
Chad C., Jonesborough, TN

Tree work went well, very pleased.
Tony V., Kingsport, TN

Fabulous job, pruning looks great!
Connie W., Johnson City, TN

Great job, timely, and efficient! I appreciate the personal service.
Thomas W., Johnson City, TN

Great job!
Larry D., Kingsport, TN

The crew did a very good job and cleaned up well.
Thomas W., Kingsport, TN

Fine job, nice crew.
Betty F., Greeneville, TN

The crew did really good work. Very pleased with the pruning.
Ted W., Bristol, VA

The crew did a great job!
George B., Johnson City, TN

Tree work looks great.
Rob H., Jonesborough, TN

The crew did a great job, Chase was great to work with also. Will definitely use Bartlett services in the future.
Lana M., Piney Flats, TN

Fine job! Looks good.
Mike B., Bluff City, TN

The crew did a great job, professional, hard workers, and courtesy. Tree work was done exactly as Chase outlined.
Don R., Bristol, TN

Beautiful pruning job, the crew was polite, did a very good job.
Jim S., Johnson City, TN

The tree work looks good, nice job.
Lori P., Blountville, TN

The crew pruned the tree exactly how I wanted. Could not ask for any better.
Rad C., Greeneville, TN

Chase did a great job, so did the crew. Fell the tree exactly where it needed to be.
Billy E., Erwin, TN

Great job as usual.
Mary H., Johnson City, TN

Great job, very impressed with the clean up, the crew did not even leave a twig.
Karla F., Greeneville, TN

Bartlett always does a great job.
Joan J., Johnson City, TN

Very pleased with the tree work.
Gilbert R., Jonesborough, TN

Very good job. The crew was professional, helpful, and kind.
Karen M., Johnson City,TN

Crew was knowledgeable, kind, and patient. I appreciate the great work.
Helen A., Kingsport, TN

Good job, great group of men.
Tom H., Jonesborough, TN

Satisfied with work, I appreciate Bartlett and the great job.
Mike B., Kingsport, TN

Very satisfied, good job.
Gillian W., Kingsport, TN

Appreciate the time the crew took with me to evaluate work. Wonderful job!
Bruce G., Bristol, VA

The crew worked well together and watched out for one another, very safe and well protective of each other. I appreciate the entire staff at Bartlett, a good crew of people. Everything asked for was done, very satisfied.
Bob D., Greeneville, TN

Chase and his crew far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for a job well done!
John O., Johnson City, TN

Great job on the tree removal.
Kevin M., Johnson City, TN

Satisfied, fine job!
Gary R., Piney Flats, TN

Awesome work, crew did a great job!
Michael R., Johnson City, TN

Satisfied with the work, fine job.
Gilbert R., Jonesborough, TN

Tree work looks great, I appreciate Bartlett.
Brandon B., Johnson City

Great job by all.
David S., Kingsport, TN

Everything looks great!
Jennifer J., Jonesborough, TN

Above and beyond satisfied with Bartlett. The crew did a great job. Will always recommend Bartlett!
Tony V., Kingsport, TN

Bartlett is great to deal with. Chase is extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly. The technicians are the same. I recommend Bartlett to all my friends.
Robert J., Kingsport, TN

Great job, the crew worked very hard.
John K., Johnson City, TN

Wonderful job! Very much appreciate the quick response.
Gaylen R., Elizabethton, TN

Very satisfied, crew was great and professional.
Rob H., Jonesborough, TN

100% Satisfied! Fantastic job!
Howard D., Johnson City, TN

Very satisfied with Bartlett. The crew worked hard they were very nice and polite. I appreciate Bartlett's quick response! Super, great job!
J. J., Johnson City, TN

Work looks great, crew was nice, and did a great job!
Abby B., Johnson City, TN

Completely satisfied, excellent job by all, the crew was very nice.
Anne F., Bristol, VA

Very nice job, the crew cleaned up well.
Tommy L., Johnson City, TN

All crew members were kind and did a great job. Thanks so much!
Helena J., Greeneville, TN

Thank you Chase, Joe, and Caleb for an excellent job! It was a smart move to transfer Chase to the TriCities area and now you have the service that was missing a year or so ago.
Betsy B., Johnson City, TN

Ryan was very professional. Great job.
Detra C., Kingsport, TN

I met the crew member and they were very nice and helpful. I always recommend Bartlett to friends. We have been a customer for several years.
Bob H., Bristol, VA

Bartlett does great work, very pleased.
George B., Johnson City, TN

Very knowledgeable and courteous, I would highly recommend Bartlett Tree Service.
Kitty J., Greeneville, TN

Met with Chase for an urgent tree care need and was very impressed. Chase is very confident in what he does, very professional, and impressive.
Jeff S., Johnson City, TN

Great job, very satisfied with work, crew cleaned up nicely.
Tom W., Kingsport, TN

Fabulous job, crew was great, much thanks.
Jim H., Johnson City, TN

Absolutely satisfied! Crew did a great job, could not ask for anything better, work done exactly to my liking.
Walter D., Greeneville, TN

All the Bartlett staff I have spoken to have been very courteous and helpful. I appreciated being kept informed about the changes to the job schedule. The crew members did a great job. Thank you! Allison H., Kingsport, TN

Joshua was great! He was courteous, professional, and prompt. He made sure I was satisfied with the work, and he got things done in a timely manner. It was a pleasure working with him from a state away from our property. Mostly, I'm grateful that he did exactly what he said he would do and when he said he would do it. Much appreciation! Kristie (in the office) was also good to work with. Amy E., Johnson City, TN

Responsive and professional. Ted W., Bristol, VA

Two of the trees we had cut down were next to our driveway. I was at work all day when the work was performed. When I came home, the site was cleaned up so well that I couldn't even tell that anyone had been there. If fact, my wife didn't even notice that trees had been cut down. Amazing job! Thank you! Your services are well worth the price. Brock W., Johnson City, TN

High marks for everyone I have been in contact with. Roy A., Kingsport, TN

Joshua Coakley was very helpful and truthful. It is important to me that I can trust the people I have do work for me. Joshua always returned my calls, showed up when he was supposed to, completed the jobs as promised, and had good follow through. The crew that came to do the work were very professional, respectful of the property, and followed through on requests. I am willing to pay more for quality reliable work. You met my expectations. Thank you! Eric K., Kingsport, TN

Very professional, friendly representative and crewmembers. I was very pleased with the work done.
Barbara S., Johnson City, TN

Really enjoyed working with Josh. I have used several tree services through the years and they have ranged from awful to okay. For some reason I have never called you before. A friend suggested and I'm glad I did. Very professional and price-wise I might have paid a bit more, but it is well worth it. Ed H., Johnson City, TN

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