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Tree Service and Shrub Care in the Hilton Head, SC Area

Arborists in our Hilton Head Island office are committed to helping local residents and businesses maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs. Our arborists are experts in diagnosing and treating tree and shrub problems specific to the Hilton Head Island area. Plus, with access to Bartlett’s global resources and advanced scientific research facility, we can provide customers with benefits that just aren’t available from other Hilton Head Island tree services.

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Our office services all of Southern Beaufort County including Daufuskie Island. We also service the Hardeeville and Ridgeland areas in Jasper County.

We are pleased to offer tree services in the following areas:

  • Jasper County
  • Southern Beaufort County

Popular Services Provided by Our Hilton Head Island Office

Fertilization and Soil Care

Fertilization and Soil Care

Insect and Disease Management

Insect and Disease Management

Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection



Storm Damage

Storm Damage

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Hilton Head, SC Office Staff

Todd Rader

Todd Rader

Arborist Representative
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Sam Hodgson

Sam Hodgson

Safety Coordinator
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Casey Johnson

Casey Johnson

Arborist Representative
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Lareecia Mance

Lareecia Mance

Administrative Assistant
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Stop by and meet Matt and Todd, our certified arborists, at booth 68 at the Lowcountry Home and Garden Show this Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Properly Pruning Crepe Myrtles

Casey Johnson, certified arborist with Bartlett Tree Experts, shows you the proper way to prune your Crepe Myrtles.

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Arborist Associations

Bartlett Tree Experts is proud to be a member of so many industry associations. Many of our expert arborists have reached the pinnacle of their profession and have been recognized as such. Bartlett Tree Experts has been inspected and accredited based on adherence to industry standards for quality and safety, maintenance of trained, professional staff, and dedication to ethics and quality in business practices.

View a list of the many arborist associations with which Bartlett is associated.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Paul and his crew did an amazing job. They were very thorough.
Todd C., Hilton Head, SC

Your crew was wonderful. We even use Bartlett at our property in Georgia.
John F., Hilton Head, SC

Jeremiah and his team did a fantastic job. They were in and out in less than two and a half hours on a seventy foot pine tree.
Bill S., Hilton Head, SC

Our trees look amazing.
Keith W., Bluffton, SC

Everything look great.
Marlene E., Hilton Head, SC

Everyone did a great job.
John J., Hilton Head, SC

The crew was professional and efficient.
H. G., Hilton Head, SC

The crew was professional and knowledgeable.
Nancy W., Hilton Head, SC

Everything went great. They were in and out so quickly I did not even know they were here.
Dan M., Bluffton, SC

The guys did an amazing job. Jeremiah was very professional.
Ann B., Bluffton, SC

Casey was very informative and encouraging during the initial visit. I was so thankful he was interested in saving my oak tree rather than just cutting it down. The crew members who came to do the job were very helpful, even assisted in explaining to me why they made the cuts at the angles that they did. My experience overall was excellent.
Elizabeth G., Hilton Head, SC

crew was great.
Germaine M., Bluffton, SC

Guys were amazing.
Brad L., Hilton Head, SC

Crew did an amazing job.
Mary S., Hilton Head, SC

Crew did a great job.
Dennis M., Hilton Head, SC

Guys did a great job pruning my Palms.
Jane L., Hilton Head, SC

My trees look wonderful.
Kathryn D., Bluffton, SC

My Palms look great.
Tommy H., Hilton Head, SC

The crew always does a great job.
Ben B., Hilton Head, SC

Wonderful job.
Rusty C., Bluffton, SC

Great Job Bartlett.
Lise A., Hilton Head, SC

My trees and shrubs look great.
David W., Hilton Head, SC

Crew did a good job.
Joe S., Bluffton, SC

Guys did a great job.
Mary V., Hilton Head, SC

Amazed at how great the trees look.
Pat T., Bluffton, SC

Crew did a great job.
Don H., Hilton Head, SC

Great job Bartlett.
Carol D., Bluffton, SC

My trees look lovely.
Linda B., Hilton Head, SC

The crew was great.
Maria P., Hilton Head, SC

Always a job well done.
Ben B., Hilton Head, SC

I am very pleased.
Evelyn G., Okatie, SC

My shrubs and trees look great.
Kenneth G., Hilton Head, SC

Great job.
Lane E., Hilton Head, SC

The crew was very polite, professional, and accommodating.
Wendell G., Hilton Head, SC

Guys did a great job!
Lisa D., Hilton Head, SC

Great job!
Curt F., Hilton Head, SC

The crew was wonderful.
Mart T., Hilton Head, SC

Crew did an amazing job!
Rich L., Hilton Head, SC

The crew did great, when no one else would deal with the tree, you guys were right on it.
Stacey S., Hilton Head, SC

The crew did a terrific job. Bartlett is the best in the business on Hilton Head.
Ron M., Hilton Head, SC

The crew did an excellent job. They were very informative.
Penny P., Bluffton, SC

The crew was wonderful. I did not have any problems.
Warren J., Bluffton SC

The crew did a great job. We are very happy.
Lise A., Bluffton, SC

They did a great job!
Keith W., Bluffton, SC

The guys were magnificent. I was so impressed with all the work they did.
Collie S., Hilton Head, SC

I have never seen a better group of fellows. They did a wonderful job!
Ron M., Hilton Head, SC

Bartlett always does a great job. We particularly appreciated Jeremiah who answered all our questions with such patience.
Dennis R., Bluffton, SC

I was thoroughly pleased with the job the Bartlett crew did.
Ron M., Hilton Head, SC

After Hurricane Matthew, one of your crews put our yard back in order. They were so kind to trim and shape a large magnolia, the top of which had blown off.
Lee M., Hilton Head, SC

With your service our yard is much healthier. Matthew is always very accommodating.
Walter H., Hilton Head, SC

With your service our yard is much healthier. Matthew is always very accommodating, when we are in town, and I greatly appreciate his time.
Walter H., Hilton Head, SC

With your service our yard is much healthier. Matthew is always very accommodating, when we are in town, and I greatly appreciate his time.
Walter H., Hilton Head, SC

Jeremiah not only did a wonderful job of trimming my tree but also took an extra few minutes to explain why he trimmed it like he did and offered some suggestions to maintain the health of it.
Bob L., Sun City, Bluffton, SC

Todd was knowledgeable, capable, professional - excellent!
Patrick B., Sun City, Bluffton, SC

Your men did a great job and are truly experts. Everything was cleaned perfectly and there was no damage to the surrounding shrubs.
Bill H., Sun City, Bluffton, SC

Matt was easy to work with and his crew worked with energy and enthusiasm. I enjoyed having them here and will recommend Bartlett to others.
LouAnn S., Hilton Head, SC

Matt and Paul are professional and kind. Their expertise and services are first rate!
Wendye H., Hilton Head, SC

This is my second use of Bartlett and will continue to use them. The staff is fabulous and the job was done at a good price. Fabulous company and employees.
Bobby F., Hilton Head, SC

Great job Sam and Doug! I was very impressed with the young men who cut my tree down.
Marilyn F., Bluffton, SC

Your crews have removed several trees from our property, and my wife and I are always amazed at their skill and professionalism. It's a pleasure to watch them work.
Robert E., Hilton Head, SC

We have been very pleased over the years with Bartlett's crew, the expertise and service adds beauty and value to our home.
Noreen P., Hilton Head, SC

Always excellent!
Drew A., Hilton Head, SC

Todd has been great, our live oak looks so much better now.
Elie S., Hilton Head

Sam and Mike were very professional and did the job.
Jerry M., Sun City, Bluffton, SC

The two young men who were at our home this morning to trim our oaks did an outstanding job. They were courteous, conscientious, and represent your company very well. Not sure what you are paying them but probably not enough. Employees like these two are hard to come by!
Keith W., Bluffton, SC

Arborist (Matt Losey) was knowledgeable and was careful not to trim to much.
Stewart B., Hilton Head, SC

Everyone was very professional. The two gentlemen who did the actual cutting were polite and very helpful.
Dave K., Hilton Head

I recently contacted your Hilton Head office with a problem with a weeping willow tree that appeared to be dying. Todd, your representative came over exactly at the time scheduled. In minutes he assessed the problem, made recommendations and resolved (hopefully) the problem. He was very professional, a perfect gentleman, and I want you to know that he is an asset to your company. If we ever have to remove the tree we will call Todd.
Mr. R., Bluffton, SC

I was impressed by the flexibility of the crew. I mentioned a job that needed to be done but did not know whether they or another company would do it. A crew member immediately called Nick, they worked out the price, I agreed to it and they did the job on the spot. Very efficient and satisfying! LouAnn S., Long Cove, Hilton Head, SC

Crew was friendly, courteous, prompt&and did the job very well. Thanks! Mike O., Wexford, Hilton Head, SC

Always know we're in good hands with the experts at Bartlett! Sue R., Daufuskie, SC

Todd was very courteous, knowledgeable, and professional when he came to evaluate the problem with our magnolias. Patrick B., Sun City, Bluffton, SC

Nick Duffy and his crew are great. Nothing but professionalism and efficient work! Judd C., Hilton Head, SC

The arborist, Todd Rader, was very knowledgeable. Great crew member preformed the work. Very hard working. James M., Sun City, Bluffton, SC

We made arrangements via the phone as we are part time residents. Our rep was extremely helpful and courteous. He made us feel confident about the project and its outcome. We are faithful Bartlett tree customers. You have always treated us right! Charles M., Belfair Plantation, Bluffton, SC

We have used Bartlett many times in the past and have always been pleased with your service. Nick did a great job communicating and arranging for the permit from our ARB in a short time. I'm happy we were able to have the work done so quickly. The crew who removed our trees could not have been more professional and friendly! Great job all around! Thank you! Linda G., Long Cove, Hilton Head, SC

Everyone is wonderful. Thank you to Nick for sending e-mails when weather changes and remind us to care for our trees and plants. Jim W., Long Cove, Hilton Head, SC

Obviously well trained and professional - very satisfied. Ken R., Sun City, Bluffton, SC

I trust Bartlett for my tree care and have used them up north where we used to live and they always do reliable work. John H., Sun City, Bluffton, SC

Everyone I have dealt with has been knowledgeable and professional. Bartlett customer from Sun City, Bluffton, SC

Courteous, knowledgeable, and informative. Brian D., Hilton Head, SC

Always the nicest clean cut people. My hat is off to you in being able to hire such high quality people. Always a pleasure. John S., Hilton Head, SC

The trees look great! Thanks to you and the crew! John K., Daufuskie, SC

Entire crew and arborist were extremely pleasant to work with. Arborist was quite knowledgeable about our oaks. Tom M., Indigo Run, Hilton Head, SC

Very knowledgeable…and helpful. We love our trees and plant material, so it's important to take care of them. Michael is doing an excellent job! Drew A., Moss Creek, Hilton Head, SC

All Bartlett employees were very knowledgeable and courteous. We will definitely recommend Bartlett to our friends and neighbors. Becky R., Sea Pines, Hilton Head, SC

Michael was very knowledgeable and great to work with. He offered scientifically based recommendations and service at a fair price. Griffin did an excellent job of providing the service that was needed for our trees and shrubs. Thanks to both. Toney M., Hilton Head, SC

Mike Kolcun has been great to work with. Requested services are scheduled as needed. Griffin, who performs the work is very diligent and friendly. Bob D., Belfair, Bluffton, SC

When providing service, Paul is courteous and neat, and does a good job. Ann & Don S., Sea Pines, Hilton Head, SC

Very courteous and professional, keeping me apprised of any decisions made as they worked through the property. Diane B., Daufuskie, SC

Everyone I work with at Bartlett is professional, courteous, and passionate about the work they do. They help me care for my amazing trees and are patient and helpful with my requests. I feel like I and my trees are in good hands. Susan A., Sea Pines, Hilton Head, SC

Griffin is our Arborist Representative. She is excellent at servicing all of our plants and trees! Her willingness to explain treatment applications and outcomes is very refreshing, as well as informative. In my opinion, she is an outstanding member of the Bartlett crew.

Michael Kolcun is another outstanding representative for the Bartlett family! I was so impressed with his understanding of issues involving our plants and trees and his willingness to treat and manage those concerns. I look forward to working with Bartlett representatives again. Thank you for all your assistance! Diane W., Rosehill Plantation, Bluffton, SC

Mike Kolcun and his crew are excellent. Very knowledgeable and very courteous. I look forward to using their service for many years. Bob D., Belfair Plantation, Bluffton, SC

Nick Duffy is a very knowledgeable resource for me. He has helpful suggestions about my trees and is always responsive to my inquiries. Charles F., Hilton Head, SC

My technician -- Griffin -- was very professional and proved exceptionally knowledgeable during her two visits. She is an excellent representative of your company. Thank you! Dave H., Hilton Head, SC

Very well done! I have had tree service before and therefore have something to compare - your people were the BEST! Mike B., Hilton Head, SC

My sickly bushes look so healthy now!!! Thank you! Carole M., Hilton Head, SC

Nick and his crew were very professional, courteous, and enjoyable to be around. They left the property clean, as if they had never been here. I would recommend Bartlett to neighbors and friends. I will also have Bartlett back to my property when needed. A great experience! Catherine W., Hilton Head, SC

The job done to our satisfaction and left neat and clean. We appreciated the follow up after your team completed the job. Geoff J., Daufuskie, SC

Things always look better after their service. Ann M., Hilton Head, SC

Always great people and always great service. John S., Hilton Head, SC

Job was completed to our satisfaction. Michael Kolcun our Arborist Representative was efficient, accomplished, and professional. Jim L., Hilton Head, SC

Every Bartlett employee that I've met has been very courteous, informative, and achievement oriented. You have an excellent staff providing great services. James M., Hilton Head, SC

Great job at our beach house property. Everything was taken care of and we were not even there! Gary V., Daufuskie, SC

The job was done to our satisfaction, the job site was left spotless, and the crew treated us very courteously. Our bushes and trees look so much healthier and better already. We would recommend Bartlett! Carole M., Hilton Head, SC

Foreman Alex and his co-worker were great. He especially went out of his way to make sure we approved of each phase of work before going on to another task. He made sure the site was clean before he left and was very accommodating. We would definitely ask for this crew again on our next project. Dave H., Sea Pines, Hilton Head, SC

Arborist Representative Scott DeArmey seemed very competent and courteous. All our communication took place over the phone and e-mail since work was done at our second home while we were not there. The job was done to our satisfaction, site left clean, and we would recommend Bartlett. Henry H., Haig Point, Daufuskie, SC

Everyone did a great job! Scott was very thorough with his estimate and the crew that removed the tree did a great job! I would recommend Bartlett to anyone needing tree service! Doug B., Bluffton, SC

Job was done to our satisfaction and job site left clean. Everyone involved was professional, courteous, and efficient. They did a FINE job! Jim H., Daufuskie, SC

Arborist Representative Nick Duffy is tops! As always, best job with best people! John S., Hilton Head, SC

It's not often that I encounter the professional workmanship that was recently demonstrated by your two tree-trimming crews. Both groups were extremely professional in the way they treated us as the customer. They did everything we asked of them, and their "clean-up" was outstanding. Your first crew spent the entire day trimming, never stopping for lunch, and left both the front and the back yards totally free of debris. The second crew, though only here for less than two hours, worked just as hard and as expertly. All six workers were professional, very polite, and customer oriented.

We will not hesitate to recommend Bartlett Tree Experts to all our friends and neighbors. A very special thank you to your two excellent crews for leaving us with a well-groomed landscape! Donna M., Hilton Head, SC

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