Title: Climber

Location: Guildford
Date Listed: 7/20/2018
Application Deadline: 9/1/2018
Status: Full-Time
Reports to: Crew Leader and Arborist Sales Representative

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• Performs all required ground, climbing, and aerial lift duties in support of specific job assignments, as directed by crew leader or designated supervisor - Participates in all job site safety briefings - Utilises all appropriate personal protective equipment - Understands and demonstrates proficiency in all aspects of the ground person position - Learns to identify the basic trees and shrubs common to the service area - Develops a basic understanding of tree growth - Demonstrates sound tree risk assessment skills - Demonstrates equipment inspection skills - Demonstrates proper application of approved knots - Demonstrates and practices proper climbing techniques and procedures - Demonstrates and practices proper pruning skills - Demonstrates and practices proper rigging techniques - Assists with driving, backing, dumping, and parking duties - Learns and understands the procedures and techniques needed to assist in performing plant health care services, such as pesticide and fertiliser applications - Learns and understands the dangers associated with electrical hazards - Interacts with clientele in order to help ensure job satisfaction • Reports for duty at the designated location on time each day • Follows directions from the crew leader or designated supervisor • Learns, understands, and adheres to all safety rules and company safety policies • Participates in all safety training sessions offered, asks questions, and improves job safety skills • Communicates well with all crew members and crew leader • Strives to improve job skills and develop the potential for upward mobility • Disseminates (at direction of Crew Leader) on site advertising/marketing material

• Responsible for carrying out other duties as assigned by the crew leader or designated supervisor, arborist representative, or local manager

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