Title: Plant Health Care Technician

Location: Dublin
Date Listed: 11/28/2017
Application Deadline: 11/28/2017
Status: Full-Time
Reports to: Local Manager

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Responsible for Plant Health Care applications. This involves the use of a totally integrated approach to improving plant health with an emphasis on research solutions to plant problems.
1.To complete all functions of a PHC programme including:administration, scheduling, inspection/treatments, inventory, equipment repair, reports, and communications. 2. Willing and able to attend training, and to train, assist and guide other colleagues in the field. 3. To organize the operation of PHC work in a manner that assures safety, efficiency, dependability, quality work and professionalism. 4. To help Representatives and/or Local Manager establish and carry out PHC programmes. 5. To quickly resolve customer complaints. 6. To notify Representatives of other forms of work found on sites. 7. To be willing to help identify plant health care problems. 8. To be able to work together with other Representatives in local offices. 9. To be willing to perform General Tree Work if and when PHC services are not being performed.

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