Title: Bucket Truck Operator

Location: Dallas, TX
Date Listed: 8/18/2017
Application Deadline: 10/18/2017
Status: Full-Time
Reports to: Local Manager


· Performs all required ground duties in support of specific job assignments, as directed by crew leader or designated supervisor - Participates in all job site safety briefings - Utilizes all appropriate personal protective equipment - Assists with the implementation of work zone safety procedures such as the placement of cones and signs, and the provision of flagging services - Properly utilizes hand tools associated with arboricultural and landscaping work - Demonstrates and practices proper climbing techniques - Demonstrates and practices proper pruning skills - Demonstrates and practices proper rigging techniques - Uses and maintains chainsaws safely - Assists in conducting a tree risk assessment prior to working on any tree - Assists with the implementation of tree felling procedures - Assists climbers and crew leaders working on the ground and aloft - Operates the chipper and all other equipment safely - Assists with driving, backing, dumping, and parking duties - Learns and understands the dangers associated with electrical hazards - Operates bucket truck ensuring that equipment, tools and materials are secure, loads are within rated truck capacity and that safe physical operating clearances are maintained

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