Irrigation and Water Management

Our irrigation and water management programs are available from the following offices:

If you live near this area, please call us at 508-428-2397 or email If you require other tree or shrub care services, call 1-877-BARTLETT (1-877-227-8538) or schedule an appointment online.

In the Cape Cod, Massachusetts area, Bartlett Tree Experts provides irrigation systems to help clients keep their plantings healthy and maintain their lawns. Our highly trained staff can design, install and maintain watering and sprinkler systems.

Water management is one of the most important aspects in caring for your lawn and all your landscape plants including trees and shrubs. Excess irrigation can cause as much damage as too little water so it is important to work with a provider that understands not only the equipment, but also the needs of your lawn and plants.

For optimal success, we will work with you to regularly monitor your system, checking that all controllers, valves and emitters are working properly. We will also ensure that each part of your landscape receives the desired coverage, modifying the sprinkler system as needed to accommodate the growth of your plants. This will address any areas that may be receiving excessive or insufficient water and keep your system running efficiently while best meeting plant needs.

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