If insects or other pests are causing an issue for your trees or shrubs, review commonly asked questions below to get some answers.

Insects and Pests FAQs (29)

  1. How badly can OPM damage trees?
  2. Are all oak tree species affected by oak processionary moth?
  3. Can I still plant oak trees given oak processionary moth infestations?
  4. Can OPM be fatal to humans or pets?
  5. Are other tree species besides oak attacked by oak processionary moth?
  6. If I find OPM nests or caterpillars in my trees, what should I do?
  7. Where in the UK has OPM been found?
  8. Does anything eat OPM?
  9. My magnolia tree has scale. What can be done?
  10. Are stinkbugs attracted to maple trees?
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