If insects or other pests are causing an issue for your trees or shrubs, review commonly asked questions below to get some answers.

Insects and Pests FAQs (17)

  1. What is your expertise regarding the Emerald Ash borer infestation?
  2. My magnolia tree has scale. What can be done?
  3. I have three Birch trees in my yard. They are starting to show signs of a beetle infestation. The top branches had leaves turning brown and dying just prior to the fall leaf drop. The trees are over 20 years old and I'd like to know if they can be saved.
  4. We have an Aspen tree that gets some kind of bugs on the leaves. The leaves get really sticky and, by summer, there are wasps and bees swarming around it all the time. It is right next to our neighbors house and along our driveway. The driveway gets this weird stuff all over it and the grounds actually looks darker under the tree from the substance. We've had the tree sprayed in the past, but it doesn't seem to work. What do you suggest?
  5. Can the Emerald Ash Beetle be controlled in the healthy looking trees?
  6. I have insects in one of my trees. Recently, a large branch fell, exposing the extent of the insect damage. Could you provide insight as to what I may be able to do to prevent further damage?
  7. My Princeton Elm leaves are being eaten by a small green caterpillar a half- to one-inch in length. The damage has been fairly extensive for the last two years and this year it has started very early. The tree is 15 years old and about 50 feet tall.
  8. My jatropa tree has rust and sticky white stuff attached to the leaves and branches. Also, the blooms and leaves are shriveled. What can I do to save this tree?
  9. How badly can OPM damage trees?
  10. Are all oak tree species affected by oak processionary moth?
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