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General Information FAQs (43)

  1. Where can I find my customer account number?
  2. Do you give estimate of tree value that have been stolen or removed?
  3. What is an Arborist?
  4. Why can't my tree be topped?
  5. Do you offer free estimates on tree pruning?
  6. I'm moving to a new property. My neighbors report a tall Evergreen in my backyard died over a period of months without any explanation. This orange tree is next to two other similar sized Evergreens. A tall shrub adjacent to the orange tree has turned this same orange color. Also, on the other side, a beautiful green evergreen has several branches turning orange near the trunk. Can you help me figure out why my evergreens are dying?
  7. We must top our ash tree in order to install solar panels on the roof. It feels right to install solar and heartbreaking to top the tree. Everyone says just cut it down but I love this tree and want to keep it. How can I care for the wound after it is topped? Most sites say no wound cover will help.
  8. The leaves on three of my maple trees have a black substance on them that I can brush off. It is on everything under the trees also. They have lost large branches in the past. I have other maples without this issue. Are my trees in trouble?
  9. Yesterday at a fall festival, there was a tree giveaway, however I never was told the names of the trees I acquired. Since I do not know the names, I do not know how to care for them. One reaches 15 feet with purple and white flowers. The other is 20 feet and supposedly has bright fall colors, but its leaves have already fallen. Could you identify these for me?
  10. Can I stop my paper bills from being sent and instead pay my bills online?
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