Tree felling is not a service we like to emphasise, but we do realise that all trees will have to be felled at some stage due to death or structural integrity being compromised. We will at all times attempt to plant another sizeable tree in place of one being felled for future generations. Often our felling involves operating in tight and complex surroundings so we dismantle the tree carefully and in manageable sections to ensure a smooth operation.

Once the operation is complete we try and make good use of the wood from the tree by donating to local wood users or chipping the produce to create worthwhile material that can be used in weed suppression.

If the resulting stump is a problem, we can grind the stump out. Usually this is to an approximate depth of 150mm below ground level, although with our specialist equipment we can grind out stumps completely and even eradicate any lateral roots if desired. Also, we can remove excess arisings and additionally spread top soil and grass seed over the immediate area. Supplementary quotations are available for these services.

This service is not available in your current region.

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