I have two acres that have 100 to 200 year old Post Oak trees with Spanish Moss on the branches. I would like to get them trimmed properly, so I don't lose the trees to disease. Neighbors have lost other trees from pruning at the wrong time. What is the cost of getting them pruned? Also, there is a Peach Bouganvilla tree I would like to plant on the land but have been unable to locate a nursery that carries the type. It has a thick trunk and it is at least 30-40 ft. tall. Could you direct me to a nursery that would carry such a tree?

Your intuition to proceed with caution regarding your Post Oak trees is correct as they are a very sensitive species. While I have not seen your neighbor's Post Oaks, improper pruning or over-pruning could certainly have killed the trees. The Spanish moss is not likely to be a factor. If you want a price to prune your trees, then we will have to come out and inspect. Please contact our experts at Bartlett to schedule an appointment. The Bougainvillea tree you describe sounds like the species Bougainvillea arborea, which is a rarity among nurseries these days.

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