I had a new Shumard Red Oak planted about two weeks ago and now the leaves are turning brown. When the tree was planted, the root flare was put four inches into the ground and covered up with dirt/clay. I have removed the dirt as much as possible, but it will continue to get covered up unless I can get it out of the ground. Is it O.K. to dig up the tree and put more dirt into the hole to raise the root flare out of the ground, as it is it is killing the tree because all the leaves have turned brown in a matter of days with all the rain we have been having?

I know how frustrating it can be for a new tree to flash brown. It sounds like your tree suffered transplant shock, which is no surprise, as hot as June was this year. Usually planting a tree too deep causes problems over time, after the tree becomes established. However, there is the possibility that the tree's root system, having been planted too deep, did not drain properly and became anaerobic. This could cause the leaves to brown out. I would do as you suggest: Dig it up and replant it, but only after ascertaining that the tree isn't completely dead. There would have to be bud swell on the tree (evidence that a new flush of foliage is emerging).

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