My tree has started to lift from the roots on one side since a storm. Before the storm there was some activity on the other side of this tree that may have led to some compaction. Would it be poor practice to add some compaction to the lifting side to even this damage out or would you recommend another method?

Generally on large trees with partial root plate failures, tree removal is warranted if there are people or property that would likely be impacted if the tree failed. Compacting the soil on the lifted portion of the root plate could further damage/break large support roots and contribute to failure. There are published standards and best management practices for installing supplemental support systems on trees with partial root plate failures that are under ten inches in stem diameter. On larger trees, any effort to provide supplemental support systems would require an arborist to work with a professional engineer to design a support system. Click here if you would like to make an appointment with one of our professionals.

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