We have an older avocado tree which has very little fruit most years. The tree seems healthy, but it seems like all the buds fall out in the spring. The avocados that do mature are good and do not fall. What can we do to get more fruit?

There could be many reasons why your avocado tree is not producing as much fruit as you would like. Soil fertility plays a major role in tree growth and fruit production. Soil moisture also plays a very important role in avocado fruit production. Too much water or too little water will cause fruit to be dropped. Flowers need to be fertilized for fruit to develop. Even if the tree has a lot of flowers they may not get fertilized. External environmental conditions also play a huge role. Wind, excess cold or heat, air pollution, etc. can contribute to fruit development. We can collect a soil sample and submit it for nutrient analysis. Click here to schedule an appointment.

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