On my property, I have an over 100-year-old huge Douglas Fir with new growth tips turning brown, a 30-year-old Norwegian Spruce with the same problem, a 10-year-old Leyland Spruce where the tips were brown then the whole tree died, a 10-year-old American Hornbeams with little new growth and many branches without leaves, and a 30-year-old Rhododendron that has many dead branches and no leaves. This is all new within the past year or so. Prior to this, these trees and shrubs were all healthy. Can you tell me what to do about this problem?

It's very difficult to diagnose a tree problem without a photo or actually seeing the plant in person. Due to the frost we had in mid-Spring last year, many soft branch tips on conifers were affected. Last winter was difficult on some plant species. If you're in a windy environment, broad leaf evergreens can be dessicated and defoliate. Please contact us to make an appointment to inspect the property.

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