I have a twenty foot birch tree in my back yard. Last year around August, the leaves of the tree turned yellow and prematurely fell off the tree. At the time, I was not overly concerned as fall was right around the corner. This spring, only about half of the branches had buds on them and now that the leaves have come, some of the leaves have begun to wither and die. One of my neighbors suggested that I pour a solution of water and an insecticide that contained “systemaxx” around the base of the tree. I poured the solution around the tree following the instructions on the container. This did not seem to help and the tree seems to be dying. Is there anything now that can be done to save this tree?

Birch trees have a number of problems in our area. From your description, I am not too hopeful for the future of the tree. However, without seeing it I cannot make a thorough recommendation or evaluation. Please consider making an appointment to have this tree issue evaluated.

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