I have two poplar trees in my backyard. They are about 35 years old. Many green leaves have been falling the past couple of years. What is causing this and how can I fix this?

If the falling leaves are completely green, it could be a couple of things: Wind damage - During periods of high wind, it is not unusual to have some new growth break off the tender young stems of certain trees. Petiole Borers - These small insects feed on the petiole (stem of the leaf) and cause the leaves to fall when they are still green. It is typically not a serious pest. Antrhacnose - Another symptom associated with early leaf drop is Antrhacnose, which causes young leaves to drop, but they are usually discolored from the fungal infection and typically show up in mid-summer. Contact us to come by and take a look for additional information and provide a better diagnosis as to what's causing the leaves to drop.

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