We live in San Antonio, Texas and have a magnolia tree that was planted in 1952, which is now approximately 12" in diameter and 40' tall. The last three drought years have damaged the tree such that only a few lower branches have leaves. Can this tree be saved or is it more cost effective to remove it?

As a general rule, magnolias have a difficult existence in San Antonio. They require more moisture than our area typically provides and the soil pH is much higher than they are adapted to tolerate. Yet, we still see magnolias doing well in our area occasionally. Droughts do often have a dramatic negative impact on the magnolias and the last two years was the worst drought on record. That being said, some magnolias seem to have survived in fair condition and some have died. Once they begin a downward spiral, they are difficult to turn around, but a prognosis without proper diagnosis is equally difficult. Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment today for a recommended course of action.

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