Is it possible to graft spruce to the top of where my neighbor topped two spruce trees? I would like to hire someone to do that so they will continue to grow taller. Otherwise, I will have to cut them down and start all over again. Also, is it possible to transplant a tall (20 or 30 foot) spruce tree?

Small (1/4" diameter) branches can be sucessfully grafted on to larger spruce trees if there are live branches available for grafting. If live branches exists, it would be better to train one to become a new leader (stem). If there are few live branches left on the topped trees, removal and replanting is best. Tall (20-30ft) spruce trees can be transplanted but this is very expensive and large transplants recover and resume normal growht very slowly. Large transplants must be carefully monitored and tended to ensure sucess. I generally recommend planting 6-8 foot trees to ensure good transplant survival.

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