This is the first time we have planted a fig tree. It has about 13 figs on it and I wondered how do I know when to pick them? Also, what do I do to keep the tree from frost in winter?

Observe how the fig hangs from the tree. You can tell when figs are ripe because they will droop a little on the branch. Unripe figs don't droop. Check how hard or soft the fig is before picking. Ripe figs are soft like a peach. You don't want a fig that is too hard or too mushy. Softly pull on the fig. You can tell that a fig is ripe because ripe figs will fall off the tree easily. Unripe figs are more unyielding and firmly attached to the branch. Pick the fig once you see that it is ripe and not before. Unripe figs, once picked from the tree, will never ripen. Don't store at room temperature or they will rot quickly.

For overwintering, wrap the branches in burlap or a plastic tarp then tie strapping or rope around the tarp to hold it in place. Mulch the root zone with composted leaves, but be sure to remove this excess material in Spring.

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