I have two 5' emerald cedars which I bought to complete a hedge. I planted them in a temporary spot in the garden and one of the trees looks like it is dying from the inside out. It is turning brown in places. I have put it back into a pot with good drainage and good soil. Is there anything else I can do to help it come back to life?

It is very difficult to tell what the problem is without looking at the plants, but it is very likely a problem with the roots or soil. Often, when plants come from a nursery that mass produces plants, they damage the root system when preparing them to sell. If you lightly remove some of the soil from the roots, you can check for damage and make sure you have a lot of fine roots that are needed for the health of the tree. A soil test is also recommended to be sure your soils have the right nutrient levels for maximum health of your trees.

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