My dog is eating the bark off of one of my trees. I am sure this is bad for the tree, and will allow insect damage to occur. What steps should I take?

You are correct. The bark of the tree is one of the first layers of defense from pest and disease. I would be curious on what species of tree it is, as the impact of this activity will vary. I would recommend finding a creative way to safely stop your dog from this activity. I know there are some products you can buy and apply on and around the tree that claim to keep dogs away from that area. Regarding the health of the tree and the extent of the damage, I would give it a little more attention this year as it works to compartmentalize the wounded area. This includes giving it a little extra water in hot/dry periods and fertilizing this spring. Seeing the tree firsthand would allow me to provide you with a more specific recommendation. You can schedule a free consultative property/tree inspection by making an appointment online.

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