The sewer authority will be digging a trench four feet wide and ten feet deep near my parents property. It will be only five feet from the trunk of their 60 year old Pin Oak tree. They are deciding whether to let the township take the tree or keep it. Will the root disturbance mean a sure death for this tree?

The general rule for root damage is to try to stay at least three times the trunk diameter away from the tree when removing or damaging roots. Since the trench will only be on one side of the tree's root system, there will still be over three-quarters of the root system undisturbed. This may result in some minor decline on the affected side but should not cause tree death or cause the tree to fall. We would feel more comfortable answering your question if we could actually see the tree and its present state of health. We would be glad to come take a look at no charge to your parents or you. You can click here to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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