We moved to Hellam, PA a year ago and had a peach tree that was diseased. We cut it back and it is growing rapidly and has a lot of peaches. We never sprayed it and it has green flies all over the fruit. How do we get rid of these and how do we spray so we can still eat the fruit? I am afraid to eat the fruit since these flies are all over the peaches.

Without knowing exactly what insect is causing the problem, I cannot provide specific information for chemical treatment. Most insects can be controlled by spraying horticultural oil at the listed rate on the product label. Peach trees are also susceptible to a variety of fungal diseases. There are chemicals specifically designed for fruit trees that allow the grower to eat the fruit. In addition, peach trees require periodic pruning to encourage quality fruit production. Bartlett Tree Experts offers each of these services. If you like we can schedule an appointment and I would be glad to provide you with further advice to help your peach production.

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