Several Horse Chestnut trees grow on the perimiter of our garden, and the problem caused by the Cameraria ohridella is very evident this year. I've always collected the leaves in late autum for composting. Given the diseased nature of the leaves, is composting acceptable? Also, your article on this subject, "Halting the loss of a National Treasure" explains that treatment is possible. In the absence of treatment, how long before the tree decays to the point of being in danger of falling?

The contaminated leaves can contain the overwintering pupae so if you can, get them off site, or burn to reduce the level of reinfection. However, this may only have limited effect due to pupae ending up in the ground around the tree(depending on surface around the tree). Secondly, Cameraria does not directly decay the tree, it defoliates the tree early leading to potential stress in the longer term. Also the trees may be subject to 'Bleeding Canker' which can be the more major problem regarding stability. The best thing would be for us to have a look at the trees to assess their condition and make some recommendations from there. Click here to schedule an appointment.

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