When is the best time to plant trees?

Basically it depends on the type of tree you buy. Bare-rooted stock tends to be cheaper than containerised trees and losses after planting tend to be 10-20% higher. The following tips, however, should ensure high survival rates after planting. Plant during the dormant winter months (November-February). If you plant bare-rooted stock as the buds are starting to swell or when leaves are emerging expect high death rates. During planting incorporate a slow release nitrogen based fertiliser into the soil, mulch (very important) and water during the first growing season. Planting container grown trees is a little different. Because of the protection of a container of earth around the roots any time of year is acceptable except if a severe frost is forecast or the ground is frozen. Even then add a slow release nitrogen fertiliser, mulch and water if required for the first growing season.

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