Is Arborbiotic injected into the root collar or trunk flair? I understand that Arborbiotic injections may not completely control fire blight on a Callery 'Redspire' pear (Pyrus calleryana) even with a fertilization program using Forti Phite plus calcium and the tree will need to be injected every year. I also understand the branches that are infected with fire blight will need to be pruned six inches back from the infection and pruning tools sterilized after each pruning cut.

Arborbiotic is injected in the root flair area of each tree. You are correct in that treatment may not be 100% effective, but reduces the spread of the blight. This treatment will need to be considered on an annual basis to be effective. We have had great results at Delaware Park with an annual injection treatment to 136 'Chanticleer ' Pears. The recommended soil care program does not need to be completed annually. Pruning of the infected branches is a good idea as you outline. Our research has shown that sterilizing is not required after each cut, however.

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