What's the best way to control aphids on my lime tree?

Recently an insecticide was given full government approval for the control of sucking insects such as aphids on trees to include lime, sycamore, birch, etc. The name of the insecticide is Admire that is applied as a soil drench once a year between the months October-November or February-March. Results with this product have been outstanding with growing season-long control provided. Importantly the insecticide is not moved into the sap, flowers or nectar so the impact on beneficial insects such as bees is negligible. In addition, Admire is bound by organic matter in the soil so is not washed into ground water or nearby streams or rivers. As Admire is systemic then once absorbed by the roots it is moved throughout the whole of the tree crown. Admire will also provide control of a range of other problematic insects such as scale, leaf miners, white fly, woolly aphid, etc. Consult your local Bartlett Tree Expert Representative for further advice.

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