Helping communities disinfect outdoor areas

Outdoor spaces where people congregate are often heavily used, but rarely get disinfected to mitigate the presence of germs and microbes that cause many illnesses. Properly applied disinfectants can help control harmful viruses and microorganisms, including the ones that cause COVID-19, on a wide range of surfaces including walkways, patios or decks, playground equipment, stadium seating, park benches, outdoor furniture and tables, and most other hardscape features.

These treatments provide a disinfected surface within minutes of application and can be used outdoors in commercial, public and event spaces, and other places where people gather, as well as residential properties. As the treated surfaces are used again and microbes reintroduced to the space, continued applications can provide further protection.

Bartlett Tree Experts is uniquely positioned to provide disinfectant applications within our communities given our existing equipment, resources, and infrastructure. Our highly trained employees are well-versed in using the application equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to deliver this service safely and effectively.

The disinfectants we use have been specifically selected for outdoor spaces and tested at our research laboratories. These products are registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with active ingredients recommended for treating a range of microorganisms. All applications are completed in accordance with Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and EPA recommendations.

Knowing a disinfectant was correctly applied to your outdoor space, in the safest manner possible, can provide greater peace of mind about the health and well-being of the people on your property.

Apply Disinfectants on a Wide Range of Surfaces

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