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Contact Your Local Office Contact your local Bartlett office or call 1-877-BARTLETT (1-877-227-8538) to set up an appointment today and discover why Bartlett is the leader in commercial tree care.

Green Initiatives

Trees and shrubs are our business and, as such, we are committed to using environmentally sustainable products and equipment. We use alternate fuel sources and hybrid cars in many of our operating areas and look further to expand their use in our fleet. Throughout the organization our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint.

Organic Soil Management Programs

Organic Soil Management Programs Bartlett offers a complete line of organic fertilizers and amendments for soil management.
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Mulching When performed correctly, mulching is one of the most effective practices to maintain plant health.
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Organic and Naturally Based Tree Care Resources

Organic and Naturally Based Tree Care Resources

Download resources related to Organic and Naturally Based Tree Care from our resource library.

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Product Label Catalog

State regulations in certain states require companies to provide clients with labels of pest management products that may be used in plant health care programs each year. Visit our product label catalog for more details.

Organic and Naturally Based Tree Care

Organic and Naturally Based Tree Care

Sustainable landscape management is becoming more commonplace as companies work to preserve natural resources, reduce waste and encourage longer-lived plantings. With this in mind, the needs of the property and landscape sometimes necessitate a natural-based approach to the care of trees and shrubs.

The foundation of successful organic and naturally-based tree care is an expert understanding of the trees and shrubs on site and the soil and conditions where they live. By selecting the right trees and shrubs and knowing how to cultivate them with proper pruning, irrigation, mulching and soil care, plants can thrive in more natural conditions with reduced use of pesticides and better resistance to pests and disease.

To help clients achieve their goals of a sustainable landscape, we recommend regular inspections by an arborist to identify tree and shrub issues early, before serious damage can occur. With regular visits, treatments can be timed appropriately for maximum effectiveness. Treatments include the use of natural-based materials and release of beneficial insects to suppress damaging insect populations as well as tree fertilizer listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and biochar for soil health.

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Since our founding, Bartlett Tree Experts has been a leader in arboriculture, pioneering the use of innovative practices to maintain healthy landscapes while preserving the environment. As one of the first companies to develop and implement a plant healthcare program that uses alternative products and methods for controlling insects and disease, we have a long tradition of environmental stewardship. Today we continue to develop new techniques for the benefit of our customers. Our products and methods are tested by scientists at our research laboratories to help ensure they are safe and effective.

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