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Tree protection and vegetation management
at Middlesex School

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In 2014, Bartlett Tree Experts and the Bartlett Inventory Solutions team collaborated with the Middlesex School in Concord, MA to perform a tree inventory, as well as a vegetation and invasive species assessment

along the school's main entrance. The inventory was conducted to provide vital information about large and mature trees in close proximity to a designated construction project site. In doing so, we demonstrated the ways in which trees should be a critical aspect of the design and pre-construction phases of a construction project.

While there were many large, mature and important specimens that could have been impacted by construction, area trees were not the only concern for this project. Another major goal for Middlesex School was to improve the overall aesthetics of key areas along the main drive. To meet that goal, Bartlett not only provided a tree inventory, but also individual tree recommendations, mapping, and vegetation and invasive species assessments.

Information collected during the tree inventory included:

  • Tree Species
  • Tree Diameter and Size
  • Pruning Recommendations
  • Soil Management Recommendations

The data was then collated into a management plan and recommendations provided a strategy to improve tree condition through pruning, pest management, soil care, and fertilization. An estimated value was also calculated for each tree inventoried, which came to a cumulative amount of over $2 million.

A large section of the inventory included natural areas along a pond and contained many types of vegetation, including invasive species. While these areas were outside of the construction area, they made up a large portion of the view when coming up the main drive.

Information collected during the vegetation and invasive species assessment included:

  • Invasive Tree and Plant Species to Massachusetts
  • Tree Diameter and Size
  • Condition
  • Presence of Vines

Our recommendations provided strategies to help Middlesex School identify and properly remove invasive species; and manage the understory vegetation, while causing as little harm to the ecosystem around and in the pond as possible. Middlesex School proved that tree inventories are a tremendous resource to architects and contractors, especially when construction takes place close to established trees. When combined with assessing other vegetation and species types, the entire local environment can be considered in the construction process, leading to better designs and more aesthetically pleasing results.

The Olmsted Brothers Company was the original landscape architecture firm that sited many of the signature trees that Bartlett Tree Experts works to preserve today.
Over 600 trees were inventoried throughout the Middlesex campus. Among them are over 40 different species, including a specimen Japanese Katsura, a pair of Kentucky Coffee trees, and a collection of mature native White Oak.
The Campus's largest tree is a 72" Norther Red Oak valued at $58,000.
In addition to caring for their heritage trees, Bartlett and Middlesex partner in managing invasive species throughout various wetland sites.



Bartlett continues to impress us with the depth of their knowledge and their commitment to our mission.

Matt Crozier,

Chief Operating Officer
Middlesex School