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The care of trees in the built or urban environment.

Container Trees: Pretty and Practical

Containerized trees and shrubs can add points of interest to patios, decks, small yards and balconies. Just give some thought to selecting the tree, pot and potting soil. Then consider how the tree will be maintained. If container plants are

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Winter Tree Pruning: When and Why

Winter is a popular time to prune trees. Most leaves have fallen and the tree structure is clearly visible. With a direct sightline to the tree’s interior growth habits, it is often easier for an arborist to identify structural issues

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Taking a Tree Inventory Online

University of Chicago’s Campus Environment team knew it was time to move beyond a limited-use, printed tree inventory to an online version that could facilitate management of the university’s urban forest. This would allow them to determine the structural stability

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When Trees Stand for a Nation

Bartlett Tree Experts and the 9/11 Memorial There are few symbols of life more powerful than a tree, and we are honored to manage the health and care of the 396 swamp white oaks that stand strong at the 9/11

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Hidden Dangers

What You Can’t See Can Hurt Your Trees A tree gets the water and nutrients it needs from the roots. If a portion of the root system is severed, or the roots are otherwise compromised, the tree will suffer proportionately.

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