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Information from scholarly studies at the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratory.

Predictive Analytics for Tree Care

We live in an age where computers increasingly play an ever-larger role in all facets of how we manage large amounts of information. Companies like Amazon and Apple use data to help forecast future decision-making and consulting firms such as Deloitte

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Insightful Sessions at the ISA Annual Conference

This past August I had the opportunity to attend the International Society of Arboriculture annual conference in Milwaukee, WI. This is one of the few times throughout the year where you gather with other like-minded folk who have a passion

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Just an [extra]ordinary day

Nature never disappoints if our eyes and hearts are open to taking it in. It’s an unusually mild morning for us in the South considering the fact that it is near the end of August. The sun is shining beautifully, but

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Girls Rock!

Please don’t misunderstand the title – guys rock too – but working in a field that is dominated by the male of the species, there are few times when I am able to experience what I did earlier this morning.

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Trees: Dispelling Myths & Misinformation (12 of 12)

Article 12 of 12 from Trees: Dispelling Myths & Misinformation, prepared by the arborists of the Southwest Division of Bartlett Tree Experts as a community education initiative. So, can what’s logical be harmful? We’ve seen repeatedly that it can. Myths

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