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Information of tree and shrub pests and diseases.

Managing Tree Root Diseases

armillaria 150x150 - Managing Tree Root Diseases

Two common causes of root disease in California are species of the fungus Armillaria and species of Phytophthora, which are fungus-like organisms. There are many differences between the two pathogens, but effective management of both involves creating growing conditions that

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Suppressing Oak Wilt

live oak wilt 150x150 - Suppressing Oak Wilt

Caused by a fungus, Ceratocystis fagacearum, oak wilt invades the vascular system of trees. The disease can cause rapid decline and even death of infected plants. Susceptibility to this disease varies among oak species; members of the red oak group

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Lichen and Trees

lichen on tree branch 150x150 - Lichen and Trees

So the trunk of your tree or shrub is covered in crusty green stuff – don’t panic! It’s unlikely that this ‘green stuff’ is harming the tree. What you are observing is the growth of lichen on the bark. Lichens

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Look Out for Leaf Curl and Leaf Blister

nectarine with peach leaf curl 150x150 - Look Out for Leaf Curl and Leaf Blister

Leaf curl and leaf blister are a group of diseases caused by the fungus Taphrina. Taphrina caerulescens is the causal agent of oak leaf blister, and Taphrina deformans is the causal agent of peach leaf curl. These diseases are common

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California Oakworm

california oakworm moth larvae 150x150 - California Oakworm

The coast live oak is an important part of both the wild and urban landscape through most of coastal California. When these beloved trees are defoliated by our native oakworm it can be a dramatic sight for the home owners.

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