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Information of tree and shrub pests and diseases.

Leaves Look Bad? Prevent & Treat Foliar Disease

dogwood anthracnose

We all know what healthy leaves look like, but what happens when they’re not healthy? Leaves can become discolored, have bumps or brown or red lesions. Smudgy spots on foliage or leaves that appear dried out or burned are also

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Watch out for Hidden Ambrosia Beetles

ambrosia beetles

What do you do as soon as a warm spring day arrives? Get outside of course! But you’re not the only one anxious for temperatures to rise. Many overwintering insects are just waiting for warmer weather so that they can

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A Bug’s Life: Surviving the Winter

insects in winter

When the weather turns cold, we don’t think much about insects. What exactly happens to them during winter? The term overwintering is used to describe how insects navigate the challenges of the winter months and successfully come out on the

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Fight Fire Blight with Pruning & Treatments

fire blight symptoms

While tree diseases often thrive in spring, it is important to remember that proper care year-round can make a big difference in managing these issues. Some simple practices now can help combat disease. One good example is autumn and winter

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Phytophthora Root Rot Disease

phytophthora root rot on yews

Phytophthora root rot is a disease of many trees and shrubs. The disease derives its name from the Greek language and literally means “plant destroyer.” As such, this is a fitting name for the pathogen, which can kill its host

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