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Bartlett Tree Experts on Social Media

Bartlett Tree Experts has an active community within the social graph, with a company Facebook page as well as profile pages for many of our local offices. We also regularly post updates to our company Twitter feed, as well as

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Bartlett Donates Tree Service at the National Arboretum

On Saturday, October 22, over 75 employees of Bartlett Tree Experts from as far away as North Carolina arrived at the National Arboretum in Washington, D.C. with chippers, tree trucks, and pruning equipment to donate a full day of work. Arboretum

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Wicker Park/Bucktown Determined to Protect Their Valuable Urban Forest

Our Chicago arborists are pleased to be working to protect Wicker Park/Bucktown’s street trees. Click on the color-coded aerial image for an enlarged view of the locations of Wicker Park/Bucktown’s Priority One trees.

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Take Some Willow Bark and Call Me in The Morning…

Have you ever wondered how people centuries ago made due without a neighborhood CVS or other readily available source of medicine? We take for granted the fact that we can just run out and get some aspirin or Tylenol and

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The limb is falling! The limb is falling!

Everyone’s familiar with the story of “Chicken Little”, the pint-sized poultry who proclaimed “the sky is falling.” Well, he needs to get to work prognosticating about tree-limb failure. Most summers are complete with sporadic limb failure, but an added effect of this historically

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