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The limb is falling! The limb is falling!

Everyone’s familiar with the story of “Chicken Little”, the pint-sized poultry who proclaimed “the sky is falling.” Well, he needs to get to work prognosticating about tree-limb failure. Most summers are complete with sporadic limb failure, but an added effect of this historically

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Hell hath no fury…

For centuries most people assumed the end of the phrase “Hell hath no fury” to be “like a woman scorned”. Clearly, either those people haven’t suffered through a Texas summer or some other state has jilted the poor Lone Star (odds are it’s California

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Too Hot and Dry

The effects of the 2010 drought on Central Indiana’s evergreens this year You may have noticed an abnormal number of evergreen trees around the central Indiana area that are dying or browning excessively. With over 30 days of temperatures above

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