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When Trees Stand for a Nation

Bartlett Tree Experts and the 9/11 Memorial There are few symbols of life more powerful than a tree, and we are honored to manage the health and care of the 396 swamp white oaks that stand strong at the 9/11

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Why Trees Fall

Understanding and Mitigating the Risk of Tree Failure It’s impossible to predict precisely when a tree, or a portion of one, will fall. Couple that with the damage a failure can result in and you get RISK! By determining how

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Hidden Dangers

What You Can’t See Can Hurt Your Trees A tree gets the water and nutrients it needs from the roots. If a portion of the root system is severed, or the roots are otherwise compromised, the tree will suffer proportionately.

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Predatory Mite Release

In our urban landscapes, pest outbreaks occur more frequently than in natural habitats such as wooded forests. These pest outbreaks occur from urbanization processes such as buildings and roads that can disrupt the balance of natural enemies and plant feeding

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