Bartlett’s BOOST® Natural Applied to a Vegetable Garden

BOOST® Natural Organic FertilizerIn the spring of 2011, I decided to try Bartlett’s OMRI-Listed, 100% organic BOOST® Natural fertilizer at my home. My mission: see how it works in a vegetable garden. These vegetables are 100% organic — not certified, just my claim. We have 112 square feet for tomatoes and peppers. Here are some of the results:

Not photographed are the additional 100 square feet or so of sweet potatoes, onions, cucumbers and potatoes, all of which are lovin’ the BOOST® Natural!


Local Manager - Houston, TX
ISA Board-Certified Master Arborist

Gene Basler has been a professional arborist for over 17 years and has been practicing arboriculture with the F. A. Bartlett Tree Expert Company as Local Manager of the Houston, Texas tree service office for over eight years. Gene loves to talk about trees and topics related to trees. He resides in Houston, Texas, USA.

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