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Bartlett Reasearch Lab

In 1913, our founder, F.A. Bartlett, began to experiment with the trees on a farm he bought for this purpose. Research was a separate department for many years until 1926, when Dr. Bartlett formally established The Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories and Experimental Grounds and staffed the laboratory with some of the leading researchers of the day. First located in North Stamford, Connecticut, the labs were relocated in 1965 to their current site on a large property in Charlotte, North Carolina. Continuing to build on Dr. Bartlett's legacy, the research conducted at the labs today is absolutely essential in ensuring that future generations will have beautiful and useful trees to enjoy.

We have at our disposal a fully equipped diagnostic laboratory with molecular testing capabilities, an extensive reference library, an education center, an arboretum containing over 15,000 accessioned plants, numerous working test plots, and even a bird sanctuary. The Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories is capable of evaluating plant samples, culturing and identifying disease-causing organisms, identifying insects, and performing complete soil analysis services. Staffed with scientists in fields such as plant pathology, entomology, and horticulture, the laboratories advise our arborists on the latest advances in arboriculture for the benefit of our clients. Each year the clinic receives more than 7,000 plant samples for analysis for insect pests, diseases, and cultural and environmental problems. Over 12,000 soil samples are processed from our clients' properties annually.

Arborist Training Programs

A primary function of the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories is to provide intense technical and career training to the Bartlett arborist representatives, plant health care specialists, and employees who care for the trees and shrubs on your property. One-week schools for new Arborist Representatives, Plant Healthcare Specialists, and Arborist Crew Leaders are offered. One-day technical update meetings are provided twice each year to Bartlett Arborist Representatives and Plant Healthcare Specialists to keep employees current with new techniques and products. All pesticide applicators and veteran Plant Healthcare Specialists receive annual training on new products, techniques and equipment available for insect and disease management. As a result of the many training opportunities available, Bartlett's technical expertise is unsurpassed in arboriculture.

Our Lab Staff

The Bartlett lab staff provides vital technical support to Bartlett Arborists, production crews, and to our clients. The Bartlett Lab develops the recommendations and guidelines for performing all of the services we provide. Publications produced by the Lab include Plant Health Care Bulletins, Pest Management Recommendations, Technical Reports, and Standard Practice manuals for all aspects of arboriculture such as pruning, soil management, and lightning protection installation. Our diagnostic clinic is a unique element of our technical support resources.

Our Lab Staff

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The Arboretum

The Arboretum

Situated on a rolling 350 acres of property in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories is home to an incredible and diverse arboretum. This unique collection of plants serves as a research grounds and outdoor classroom.

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