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Frequently Asked Questions

Topic: Company Information

1. Question: What are your qualifications as an Arborist/Representative?
Answer: The International Society of Arboriculture must certify our Arborists. The I.S.A. is an independent organization of Arboriculturists. Bartlett Arborists must have a demonstrated proficiency in managing woody plants. Most have bachelor's degrees in forestry, horticulture, landscape management, biology and other related fields.
2. Question: What are the crew's qualifications?
Answer: Our crews are supervised by certified Arborists and certified tree workers. Many members of our crews are college educated, career Arborists and also are certified. Crews, Arborist/Representatives and production crews receive training on new techniques and products through the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories and our Regional Training Coordinators.
3. Question: Are you a local company?
Answer: Bartlett Tree Experts is an international company based in Stamford, Connecticut. Our offices and personnel are locally based. We are all members of a local community and devote many hours to supporting local organizations.
4. Question: How long have you been in business?
Answer: We've been in business since 1907. Our focus on scientific tree care has continued through three generations of Bartlett family management. Founder F.A. Bartlett established the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories on his property in the 1920's to progress the science of arboriculture. Today, it is the largest private laboratory in the United States that is devoted solely to landscape plant care. Bartlett arborists rely upon the laboratory for analysis and for updates about the latest techniques in arboriculture.
5. Question: Who are your clients in this area?
Answer: We can provide a list of local client referrals. We probably have been in your neighborhood performing tree care at one time or another. Often our referrals come from "word of mouth."
6. Question: Is Bartlett Tree Experts a fully insured tree service company?
Answer: Yes. Please download our certificate of liability insurance for proof of our insurance coverage.

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