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Frequently Asked Questions

Topic: General Information

1. Question: Where can I find my customer account number?
Answer: Your customer account number can be found in the top, right-hand corner of your invoice. It can also be found in the yellow box to the left of your mailing address on the reply card sent with your current issue of Tree Tips.
2. Question: What is an Arborist?
Answer: An Arborist is a person who through education and professional experience is qualified in all aspects of landscape plant care and maintenance. States and associations also certify qualified individuals who meet specified criteria.
3. Question: Why can't my tree be topped?
Answer: Topping is considered unprofessional work. In fact, Standards for tree care published by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), specifically prohibit topping. Topping promotes decay and produces rapid growth of "watersprouts" (limbs that are weakly attached). It decreases the tree's ability to produce energy (photosynthesis) due to leaf reduction, weakening its vigor and starving the tree.
4. Question: Can I stop my paper bills from being sent and instead pay my bills online?
Answer: Yes, you can go paperless by logging into Your Account and clicking on the link to pay your bills online underneath the Online Bill Payment call out on the right-hand side of the screen. From there, you will be brought to our bill pay system. In the left navigation, click on the Paperless Billing button. From this screen, you can change your paper suppression option.
5. Question: What is wrong with my tree? What do you recommend? Does it need Pruning/Pest Management/Fertilization/Removal (hazardous)?
Answer: Sometimes tree care is a multiple-choice answer - the diagnosis may not be obvious. An Arborist will identify the problem area(s), recommend a program of treatment and perform the procedure(s) necessary. Bartlett believes in proactive (preventive) care programs - maintaining healthy andscapes - avoiding decline and damage rather than reactive tree care that is performed after problems occur.
6. Question: How often and how much should I water my trees?
Answer: Newly planted trees and shrubs should be watered approximately twice each week when no rain occurs. Be sure to direct irrigation water on the root ball where most of the live roots are located. Most established plants should be irrigated thoroughly once a week during the growing season when no rain occurs. Moisture meters (tensiometers) can be installed by Bartlett Arborists to assess plant water needs.
7. Question: When is the best time of the year to prune?
Answer: Light pruning, which is generally all that should be needed in proactive tree management programs can be done at any time of the year. If major pruning is needed to compensate for structural defects or other reasons, winter is an ideal time because leaves don't obscure the crown structure. It also depends on the species.
8. Question: What causes those green clumps in my lawn?
Answer: It's a side effect of the fertilization process. When Bartlett BOOST® (or other products) add fertilizer to the root zone of a tree or shrub it can't help but fertilize the lawn a little bit as well. The increased nutrients cause the grass to grow in green clumps.
9. Question: How do I pay for the work?
Answer: The payment is due upon completion. An invoice will arrive a few days after completion.
10. Question: Can I pay my bill online?
Answer: Yes you can. Log into the Your Account section of the site to view open invoices. From there, follow the onscreen directions to pay your bill online.

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