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Story Suggestions

Below are story suggestions and starters that can be used for stories to be written about Bartlett. If you have other story topics that you are interested in, please send a note with a request to one of our media contacts.

Technology Behind Protecting Trees

There is a true science behind preserving and protecting trees. With over a century of experience in the business, Bartlett Tree Experts is at the forefront of implementing technology in tree care through a number of forward-thinking programs including a patented root care program that leverages supersonic air tools to break up compacted soil and the use of global positioning systems to accurately identify and map plant locations.  

Bartlett Laboratories and Arboretum: The Science of Trees

With laboratories and an arboretum sitting on 350 acres of picturesque land in Charlotte, N.C. devoted to the art of tree preservation, Bartlett Tree Experts is positioned to share over a century of expertise in scientific tree care. Scientists at the laboratories study more than 2,000 species of trees and plants, and work with company arborists to evaluate plant and soil samples and identify insects and disease-causing organisms. Each innovation the company develops for use in the field is tested for effectiveness at the lab, making it the epicenter of tree care technology.

Considerations When Choosing Your Trees

With over a century of experience, Bartlett Tree Experts offers advice regarding what to consider when selecting trees that will thrive on your property, adding color and beauty to your landscape and increasing the overall value of your home.

Pruning for Healthy Trees

Pruning is an important part of tree health that enhances the appearance of trees and helps keep them structurally sound. However, pruning can permanently damage trees when performed incorrectly. Bartlett Tree Experts offers advice on how to best to care for your trees to ensure beauty and longevity for decades to come.

Hail to the Ladybug

Since its founding, Bartlett Tree Experts has been a pioneer in the tree care industry, continually looking for new ways to maintain naturally healthy landscapes while preserving the environment. Learn about some of the latest, and most effective, ways that tree and shrub health can be managed through biological controls (like ladybugs), organic fertilizers, horticultural oils and other alternative practices.

Trees are an Investment: Ideas for Economical Landscaping

The condition of your landscape can increase the value of your home; conversely, poor landscaping choices can damage your return-on-investment. Bartlett Tree Experts provides information on improving the appearance of your home, and increasing its market value, through preventative tree care.  

Rain, Sleet, Wind, Hail … Helping Trees Weather the Storm

Exposed to all the elements all year-round, trees are highly susceptible to severe weather. Bartlett Tree Experts offers guidance on how to best minimize the risk of hazardous conditions that can result from nasty weather.

Head in the Clouds: Bartlett Tree Experts Take Tree Care to Great Heights

Arborists routinely climb trees for pruning, to install lightning protection systems and to establish cables and braces for structural support. Take a look into this incredibly visual task and talk with some of the folks that climb hundreds of feet every day.

Hazardous Tree Evaluation: Quantifying Risk

Arborists from Bartlett Tree Experts can share how they learn if trees are at risk of failure now or in the future, and what can be done about it.  

Top 10 Tree Pests and Diseases

Bartlett Tree Experts scientists and certified arborists are available to discuss pest and disease problems plaguing tree health in geographies around the world.

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