Our Outdoor Classroom

The unique collection of plants at the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories arboretum serves as a research grounds and outdoor classroom.

A few of the highlights include:

  • one of the best collections of oak and conifer on the east coast
  • the biggest collection of magnolia in the country
  • an extensive collection of holly, elm, crapemyrtle, crabapple, maple, and rhododendron
  • numerous display gardens
Natural Area at the Arboretum

In addition to the collections and research areas, several ponds, natural areas and woodlands nestled throughout the arboretum provide a home to a variety of wildlife. As a learning and research facility, the arboretum is not open to public visits but tours can be arranged through appointment.

Arboretum Curator

Please contact Greg Paige, the Arboretum Curator, for more information.

Flowering Trees

Flowering Trees

Take a look at some flowering trees on the grounds of Bartlett's arboretum.

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