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Plant Analysis and Diagnostics Resources

Plant Analysis and Diagnostics Resources

Download resources related to Plant Analysis and Diagnostics from our resource library.

Related Services

Bartlett Tree Research Lab

Bartlett Tree Research LabEach year, our diagnostic clinic receives more than 6,000 plant samples for analysis for insect pests, diseases, and cultural and environmental problems.

  • Find out more about this unique element of our technical support resources.
  • Plant Analysis and Diagnostics

    Plant Analysis and Diagnostics

    One of the major reasons consumers initially contact an arborist is to determine the cause of a plant health problem or condition or to identify and treat a pest infestation. This is an area that Bartlett arborists excel in due to the continual training they receive on the latest problems and diagnostic techniques. The support our local arborists receive from the diagnostic facilities at the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories allows us to service our clients in a way our competitors cannot. To that end, the Bartlett Plant Diagnostic Clinic analyzes more than 20,000 plant and soil samples each year to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment programs.

    Services offered:

    • Plant identification
    • Insect/arthropod identification
    • Plant health and problem assessments
    • Plant tissue analysis for disease and disorders
    • Tree structure evaluations
    • Soil nutrient, pH, and organic matter analysis
    • Soil drainage assessments
    • Soil density analysis (soil compaction)

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