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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Technician

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Technician
Stamford, CT
Crew Leader, Arborist Representative, Local Manage

Serves as a plant health care technician with the primary responsibility of monitoring, evaluating, and providing the plant health care needs on clientele property.

  • Performs all functions of the integrated pest management program, including administration, scheduling, inspections, sampling, treatments, inventories, equipment maintenance, record keeping, report writing, and customer relations
    • Is familiar with products and techniques used to maintain plant health
    • Understands and adheres to label directives on each product used
    • Utilizes all appropriate personal protective equipment
    • Ensures that all company policies regarding the storage and handling of pesticide products are adhered to
    • Understands and practices the correct mixing and transportation procedures
    • Learns and practices the appropriate plant health diagnostic skills
    • Demonstrates the proper pesticide application skills
    • Understands and implements drift control procedures
    • Understands and implements all required record keeping and reporting procedures
    • Demonstrates correct pesticide container disposal techniques
  • Reports for duty at the designated location on time each day
  • Is prepared to work as a member of a tree care crew, under the crew leader’s supervision
  • Learns and understands the dangers associated with electrical hazards
  • Follows directions from the crew leader or designated supervisor, arborist representative, or local manager
  • Learns, understands, and adheres to all safety rules and company safety policies
  • Participates in all safety training sessions offered, asks questions, and improves job safety skills
  • Submits samples and reports to the diagnostic clinic
  • Understands and follows directives on all pesticide and fertilizer work orders
  • Communicates well with crew leader, arborist representative, and local manager
  • Interacts regularly with clientele in order to ensure job satisfaction
  • Is prepared to sell plant health care services when needed
  • Strives to improve job skills and develop the potential for upward mobility
  • Responsible for carrying out other duties as assigned by the crew leader or designated supervisor, arborist representative, or local manager

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Stamford, CT 06902

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